Introduction: A Game Hidden in Your Computer!

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In this instructable I"ll show you how to find a game in your computer!NOTE:Sorry about the bad quality pictures-I used my webcam.NOTE: This thing only works on Windows XP.

Step 1: Open

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First open up My Computer.Then click on the C:/ drive.(If you don't have My Computer as your shortcut, click Start,the My Computer.)

Step 2: Program Files

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Open up Program Files.Scroll down to the bottom and find Windows NT.Click on it.

Step 3: Pinball

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On windows nt,click on pinball.

Step 4: Final Step

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On their, ther are lots of files.Click on the one that says Pinball with a black ball beside it.

Step 5: Play!

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Play as long as you can!


rockadio101 (author)2010-09-05

ok this is a goood game so fun but its not hidden

Void Schism (author)2010-09-02

Damn our killjoy IT service, they got there first and emptied the folder :(

sockless (author)2010-04-18

No offense, but have you ever wondered what the "print screen" button does? If you ever thought that it took screenshots you were right.

krazyyo42 (author)2009-12-25

Wow... no offense but this isn't really that hidden....

animan1 (author)2009-07-05

type "hidden test" exactly like i put it then press enter click and hold the ball follows your mouse!!!!

RedFlash (author)animan12009-07-07


mason0190 (author)RedFlash2009-10-02

Then press h for a new hi score of 1 billion points:)

RedFlash (author)mason01902009-10-03

Even Better!

mason0190 (author)RedFlash2009-11-11

and even press y to turn the title into a frame rati in fps

and m for your hard drive's memory in megabytes!

GnomeMaster (author)2009-06-10

thats not a very hidden game all you actuly need to do is Start>all programs>games>pinball that you play it

mason0190 (author)GnomeMaster2009-10-02

Ah, the modified default user pic

GnomeMaster (author)mason01902009-10-02

yup 'cept mine is better then yours

mason0190 (author)GnomeMaster2009-11-06

it is but i couldnt change the colours in pint they all turned into just grey.

ibayibay1 (author)2009-05-16

ty captain obviuos

coolrobot (author)ibayibay12009-09-27


jaxxster1 (author)2009-08-07

does it matter if it is a "hacked" version of xp?

yonderyoung (author)2009-08-04

haha it's really hidden. NOT. its in the games folder. haha

An Villain (author)2009-07-04

this game reminds me of stuff SUCH a long time ago.

Arbitror (author)2009-06-08

Wait, are those scratches on your screen!?

Arbitror (author)Arbitror2009-06-08

Step 2\Step3

itsEMILagain (author)2009-05-24

that game isn't hidden, there are many games under start > all programs > games. anyways, nice description but you could have done it alot easier

Gamer917 (author)2009-02-27

InkBall is fun. its in the games folder

bobhill125 (author)Gamer9172009-04-09

ink ball is only for vista

meh301 (author)bobhill1252009-04-20

It's also for windows xp tablet edition

Hands Without Shadows (author)2008-12-19

I found some more........ Start bar -> All Programs -> Games

Hahahaha! Win.

Derin (author)bumpus2009-01-31



oh my goodness, man. you are a genius. how did you come up with that hack?

TOCO (author)2009-01-03

The game isnt hidden. Go to START. Then to all programs.Then to games. There you have 11 games.

The Jamalam (author)2008-12-21

Only on XP


fjrFoxes (author)2008-12-25

THANK YOU. Appreciate the time to show us...My grandson is coming and I wanted something for him to do.

yerjoking (author)2008-12-21

You should of just shown them paint...

havanacus (author)2008-12-19

Why didn't you just use the print screen function on your computer?...

8bit (author)havanacus2008-12-19

Yeah, my girlfriend taught me that. You can press the printscreen key and then ctrl+V paste the image into paint.

alexsolex (author)8bit2008-12-20

or you can just press |AltGr| + |print screen| keys to just get the active window

craig3 (author)2008-12-19

you can also go START, all programs, games. Much easier way to go through start menu

Sebastiangperez (author)2008-12-19

This game came whit windows 95 Plus! .... remember ??? jejejejej I'm so old !!!!!!

CrimsonChain (author)2008-12-19

I was hoping my computer would have the game on it because it is a fun time waster. Thanks for the Instructable anyways. Also to improve your images take screen shots instead of using your web cam.

thenameisbam (author)2008-12-19

this game isnt hidden. it may just be restricted by an administrator.

Wildog426 (author)2008-12-19

i miss that pinball game. i wish Vista came with that

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