A Game Hidden in Your Computer!





Introduction: A Game Hidden in Your Computer!

In this instructable I"ll show you how to find a game in your computer!NOTE:Sorry about the bad quality pictures-I used my webcam.NOTE: This thing only works on Windows XP.

Step 1: Open

First open up My Computer.Then click on the C:/ drive.(If you don't have My Computer as your shortcut, click Start,the My Computer.)

Step 2: Program Files

Open up Program Files.Scroll down to the bottom and find Windows NT.Click on it.

Step 3: Pinball

On windows nt,click on pinball.

Step 4: Final Step

On their, ther are lots of files.Click on the one that says Pinball with a black ball beside it.

Step 5: Play!

Play as long as you can!



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    ok this is a goood game so fun but its not hidden

    Damn our killjoy IT service, they got there first and emptied the folder :(

    No offense, but have you ever wondered what the "print screen" button does? If you ever thought that it took screenshots you were right.

    Wow... no offense but this isn't really that hidden....

    type "hidden test" exactly like i put it then press enter click and hold the ball follows your mouse!!!!

    Then press h for a new hi score of 1 billion points:)

    and even press y to turn the title into a frame rati in fps

    and m for your hard drive's memory in megabytes!

    thats not a very hidden game all you actuly need to do is Start>all programs>games>pinball that you play it