Picture of A garden inside a ball - Christmas time

How to create a garden inside a plastic trasparent Christmas tree ball

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
what you need:
- soil
- a small plant  of slow growth (fittonia, Adiantum capillus-veneris etc.)
- moss
- an electric screwdriver
- a plastic trasparent Christmas tree ball (15 cm ø)
- newspapers
- expanded clay
- a CD-Rom or something similar
- transparent adhesive tape

Step 2: Drill the hemispheres

Picture of drill the hemispheres
drill the hemispheres with the electric screwdriver (slow speed)

Step 3: The paper

Picture of the paper
crumple paper

Step 4: Fill it

Picture of fill it
Fill half the hemisfphere with the paper

Step 5: Insert cd

Picture of insert cd
insert a CD into the empty space

Step 6: Soil

Picture of soil
Fill partially with soil

Step 7: Expanded clay

Picture of expanded clay
and partially with expanded clay - remove the cd

Step 8: Space for plant!

Picture of space for plant!
create a space for a plant

Step 9: Compact the soil

Picture of compact the soil
compact the soil

Step 10: Remove the paper

Picture of remove the paper
remove the paper

Step 11: Clean

Picture of clean
clean the parts to be jointed

Step 12: Add moss

Picture of add moss
add moss

Step 13: Add plant

Picture of add plant
add plant

Step 14: Join the hemispheres

Picture of join the hemispheres
join the hemispheres

Step 15: Tap the ball to compact the soil

Picture of tap the ball to compact the soil
tap the ball to compact the soil

Step 16: Scotch tape

Picture of scotch tape
Apply a transparent piece of tape under the base

Step 17: Water

Picture of Water
Water the inside

Step 18: The final result

Picture of the final result
the final result

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Step 19: A garden inside a ball - one year later