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Introduction: A Garden Light

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A very elegant garden light with almost no cost and very easy to make.
Check it out! After you have gathered the materials it takes about 10 minutes....
And you will enjoy it all summer long.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
- one plastic bottle in the same shape as shown. Here in the Netherlands they are very common with detergent or fabric softener.
- one old bicycle inner tyre, or at least 6 rings cut from a inner tyre.
- one broomstick, as long as you want.

- a pair of scissors
- a small hacksaw

- a tea light ( small candle in aluminium container)

Step 2: Sawing

With the hacksaw cut off bottom of the bottle, and top of the cap

Step 3: Quarters

Make four long cuts with the scissors along the "corners" of the bottle.

Step 4: Petals

Shape the four parts as leaves by cutting off rounded corners.

Step 5: Cap Adjustment

unscrew the cap from the bottle. Remove the inner ring with the hacksaw to make the cap flat on the underside.

Step 6: Big Match

Cut aprox 6 rings out of the bicycle inner tube. Put the six rubber rings on top of each other on the end of the broomstick. Make sure the bottle cap can be squeezed on with some effort.

Step 7: Capology

The bottle caps often come in cheap plastic colors.
You can paint them. ( I use one layer of acrylic modeling paste, and one layer of artist's acrylic paint).
Or, easy peasy, cover it with two more rings cut from the bicycle tyre 

Step 8: Finito

Put the bottle on the stick. Insert the broomstick in the ground and insert the tea-light in the bottle. You will find that a tea-light fits beautifully in the neck of the bottle. To light the candle bend one leaf outward and light with a match.
Notice how nice translucent the bottle shines, and how beautiful metal-like the inside reflects! 
How much light-flowers can your garden take? 



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    I would like to use that for our garden because it is very dark.Also that is a big match of yours!

    p.s are those matches?

    1 reply

    Enjoy the idea in your own garden. Do not understand your question about matches.

    You don't eat it. And you probably use it outdoors.

    This is a great idea. I want to use the idea and adapt it to use on my "basic" solar lights to make them more attractive. I'll see if the bottle allows enough light to charge the solar lights.

    1 reply

    You can take your solar lights apart, place the cells somewhere out of view, not close to the led light and connect them using thin wires.

    If you're really ambitious, you could place the accumulator in a piece of pipe, use it as the stem, build some leaf-like holder for the solar cell and attach it to the stem as a leaf.

    Made a new one for indoors with led lamp. Works perfect with electrical wire through a metal tube and a socket on top.


    I think these will look lovely

    in the summer

    this is awesome love it..

    beautiful to see when lit

    Love this, now just have to find some bottles I can use and enough old broomsticks! Lol

    Nice! You always do the coolest things!

    great idea, will have to try it

    WOW! Just WOW! I think I'll try this with a solar light.

    great upcycling !

    Good idea, nice and simple.

    Nice one Ruud! Will have some at my next BBQ here on Skopelos.

    1 reply