A Geeky Elect(Ring)


Introduction: A Geeky Elect(Ring)

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Hello Everyone....
its my 4th 'ble....
I 'm here with an electronic ring....
U can use it to show off your talent or tell how much you love electronics....
Lets get started

Step 1: Gathe(RING)

1. An old cut piece of sim card
2.Some electronic components of your choice...
3.Some nichrome wire
4.Some NdFeB magnets(3-5)
5. Some brains (haahaha everyone's got that)

Step 2: Prepa(Ring)

1. Roll some nichrome wire according to your finger's size..
2.Cut some piece of a rolled nichrome wire according to your need..
3.Roll some free end around the wire as in 1st pic..so that it does not come out or unroll
4. Now stick some neodymium magnets around the wire...you can arrange them in several ways...
some suggesions are in the pics...

Step 3: StaR(t)ING

Now start with the construction...
1. Stick the sim module on one of the magnets...
2. Take the electronic components and arrange them in a way you feel good..and stylish...
3. I took resistor,Capacitor.etc...
you can take any componets that you like

Step 4: EndING With the Ring

Just go and show off..you cab even use screws, filaments etc...
Here you need to use that brain (I mentioned in starting)

Good luck buddies!!!!



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