Ever want a really big tripod, but not willing to spend the $200+ on one? Well, now you can make your own for less than $30 that will stand eight feet high in less than an hour!

What You'll Need
1 two foot high camera tripod from Wal-mart. Cost: $15
3 six foot long x 1 1/4 inch PVC pipes
3 six foot long x 1 inch PVC pipes
3 end caps that will tightly fit onto the 1 inch pipes
3 short fattish screws

Tools You'll Use
1 drill
1 drill bit
1 friend (optional)

Step 1: Making Sure It Fits

First you need to get your PVC pipes and make sure that the smaller ones will fit inside of the larger ones. You don't want the fit to be too tight or else you'll have a hard time adjusting the tripod, but you want it to be snug enough to prevent the whole thing from being wobbly. You'll also want to make sure that your end caps fit onto the ends of the smaller pipes tightly.
<p>Freaking awesome idea for making an extra tall tripod in a pinch. I'm just annoyed at myself for not thinking about that already lol. As for the haters on here... Geeze, seriously, talk about insecure people... </p>
you could also probly make it resizeable if u got smaller pvc pipes and then drilled equal distanced holes in the pipes then had a screw or soemthing and the smaller pvc pipe goes in the bigger one and then u can have it the size u want ??
actually, it is resizeable. check out steps two, and three. i did exactly that when i was building the thing. it can be resized from just over 5 feet, to the height seen in the first photograph. and by removing the inner pvc pipes you can take a few more inches off of the height. all in all this thing can be configured from 1 foot, all the way to the full height just by adding or subtracting the pvc, and adjusting the angles of the tripod legs.
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yeah, it's a double wide, and no it's not new. my mom just keeps the place clean, and we use the fans a lot in the summer, so they don't gather dust. As far as the thing on the coffee table, i'm assuming you're talking about the white box. that's an incubator for chicken eggs that you want to hatch out. my mom keeps serama chickens for eggs and as pets.
lol yay, I can just tell my boyfriend to make this instead of spending tons of cash on a trippod! Ahh you've made my day, great stuff.
Tell him to use some bits of string... Oh and for kicks add in something about any other parts must be made from corn...
very creative. shirtplz?

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