Picture of A gluegun-stand, no glue leaking anymore!
We all know the problem: you are glueing something, and the moment you don't use your hot glue gun, glue leaks out of the nozzle. That's a waste off glue that you can't use anymore.

The reason for this leaking problem is: grafity. The solution: point the nozzle upwards!
Then I invented this simple, cheap and money-saving stand.
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Step 1: Get the materials

Picture of Get the materials
For this project you will need:
- a small bottle
- sand
- the hot glue gun
- a funnel
- a small pipe
- a thick and a thin rubber band
- a biro

You have all this materials at home, so it won't cost you anything!

Step 2: Pour the sand in the bottle

Picture of Pour the sand in the bottle
You have to aggravate to bottle so it won't fall over.
Use the funnel to pour the sand into the bottle.

Step 3: Stick the pipe in the bottle

Picture of Stick the pipe in the bottle
You have to stick the small pipe into the bottle because the hole of the bottle is to wide for the biro. Let the pipe lean against the edge the bottle mouth.

Step 4: Glue the mouth of the bottle

Picture of Glue the mouth of the bottle
You can glue the mouth so the pipe can't move and if you lock up the sand it can't stream out if you accidentally push down the bottle. Hold the bottle upside down to see if it is complete shut.

Step 5: Attache the biro to the gun

Picture of Attache the biro to the gun
Use the rubber bands to attache the biro to the gun. fold the thick rubber band 3 times and put is with the biro over the gun. you cann use the thin rubber band to keep the biro right-angled.

the rubber bands are verry handy because you can remove them without damadge!

Step 6: Finished

Picture of Finished
Now you are done. You can use your hot glue gun without leaking gleu!

Thank you for using this instuctable, I hope you liked it and have a good time with the other projects.

Greetings, the author, Thierry Kok.
kedwa306 months ago

Nice 'ible! I found this while searching to find out why the hot glue guns leak. I was told that older hot glue guns don't have this problem.

tomica1 year ago
of course it is an unreasonable solution,melt glue will tend to flow backward, and eventually clog the entire device, as it getting cold.!!!!
theexpert4 years ago
dont you think the rubber bands will leak out?
thierry.kok (author)  theexpert4 years ago
do you mean if the rubber bands will melt?
yes im sorry if i think about stuff i tend to type it if im typing thanks for the correction also check out my instructable coming soon called magnetizer jar
thierry.kok (author)  theexpert4 years ago
I know that problem haha. But no, the rubber bands don't melt when you use the gluegun.