A Gmjhowe-Esque Time Machine





Introduction: A Gmjhowe-Esque Time Machine


-hot glue
-electrical tape
-black acrylic paint
-shoe polish
-copper and pvc pipe fittings
-coffee machine parts
-broken jewelry
-random junk

i'd like to thank gmjhowe and the magic of stacked and glued cardboard sheets.

original work:



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    where are the other steps I only saw one.

    I made one it never work cause i put something in the wrong place and it caught fire and destoyed all my parts so i hope i put this one together correctly

    does this time machine really work?

    How about a picture of the whole thing? hard to see the point of the random pieces?

    However creative!

    Is this just some Sci-fi thing I don't understand...I mean its really pretty I like the way it looks but what the heck is it?

    1 reply

    Its supposed to just look pretty, its steampunk, useless peices planted together to make a clockwork of awesome.

    when you say, 'this is not shoped'  do you mean the 'glow' of the gem? because i believe that phenomenon is called chatoyence.

    Is that a PS2 socket? (not "steam")


    Otherwise looks nice

    3 replies

    i was about to make a witty comeback about how using an ancient nintendo 64 socket could be steam, but then i remembered that it's from a mouse and i felt sad

    /thanks for the feedback, anyway! :)


    You've got some good stuff in there, I didn't think that socket fitted with the rest.


    Well technically, Gmjhowe doesn't do steampunk
    His stuff is Cyberpunk Dystopian/ Steampunk
    even though its still out of place...

    haha n-64 steampunk :P too bad indeed!

    I really like the photos of this! good colors and lighting. Toying with the DOF would be kinda fun too!

     Well, I am currently on my honeymoon, and have made the special effort to make a comment to say that you have done an excellent job of that! And to keep up the good work!