Airsoft BB Holder With a Film Canister






Introduction: Airsoft BB Holder With a Film Canister

A airsoft BB loader that holds 150+ BBs out of a film canister.

Step 1: Get the Materials


-One pen
-One empty film canister
-One bottle eraser

Step 2: Make the Ammo Holder

Cut a small hole in the film canister cap with the scissors. Widen the hole to be a little less wide than the tube you are putting in.

Step 3: Make the Loading Tube

Next, disassemble the pen and either use the grip, or the container. I prefer the grip because it's flexible and easy to work with. Make sure it is wide enough so a BB can EASILY slide through. If it isn't, you will have trouble pouring the BB's out.

Step 4: Completing the Design

Slide the loading tube into the film canister, about halfway, and fill the canister about 3/4 of the way full with BB's. Now you have your own , hopefully working loader for under $1. Mess with it to get the loading speed just right. It holds 100+ BB's, so you probably won't run out. Hey, if you do, make 10 of them.

Step 5: Using the Loader

Once completed, you will want to plug the loader during use so the BB's don't fall all over the ground. Use the bottle eraser, when needed, and gently ease it into the loading tube, until the "neck" of the eraser is no longer visible. Now go out and airsoft!!!



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    you could buy a better, all plastic, 2000ct bottle, with twist cap,and lid, and bbs for under 3$ (walmart :-D)

    But....... that would be contributing to those rich walmart people! DIY FTW!

    :-P, ok then. the same bottle at 'destany merchant' near me, for 10$ lol. (i mean hey, come on.yeah come on, you no you want to.)

    Dude..... DIY FTW! Forget money, it's overrated!

    (o_O) then gimme, gimme all yo money son :-P

    try carrying a big ol 2000ct bottle in your pocket.

    look at the one with the party popper. short, simple, and easy.

    Wow, great idea, looks really small and easy to do. I will probably show my friend this, this is a really good idea. (added to favorites)

    or you could just use an old water bottle,recyleing and it holds over 400 bb's