Masks help to develop your costume...they come in different types...here are those

Step 1: 1) Store Bought Masks

Store bought masks are the easiest ways to spice up yor costume...but they can be very expensive at times, so there are some alternatives..Let us move to them

Step 2: 2) Simple Homemade Masks

They are last minute options for a halloween costume. eg: You can make a simple eyemask by cutting construction paper

Step 3: 3) Papier Mache Masks

Papier mache is a very versatile way of mask making...though a little messy and very time consuming...but they make

Step 4: 4) Helmet Masks

These overhead helmet maskss need lots of planning. They can be made from paper, cardboard, latex etc. They are the best masks after the store bought ones

Step 5: Make Combos

You can spice up the costume by combining two types of maks..like I made this samurai one by combining a helmet with a papier mache mask

Step 6: 5) Latex Masks

One of the best ways to make a mask....but difficult to make and can be expensive

Step 7: That Concludes the Instuctable

Well...that's all for masks...now it's your turn to decide what type of mask you will wear :)

Until Then..BYEEEE
how much $ do u want for the ironman helmet
Dude...my helmet looks extremely stupid...y do u wanna buy such crap??
whats ur price
i think its just fine. youd think the same if u saw my helmet

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