Besides Instructables, One of my favorite websites is Photojojo.com (if you haven't heard of these super cool people you should pay them a visit.) A week or so ago they posted, http://content.photojojo.com/diy/diy-make-stained-glass-instagram-windows/ and I immediately wanted to recreate the awesomeness. This isn't an Istructable I take credit for, its more of I am picking up where Photojojo left off. The guide was more focused on the film aspect vs. the digital. I created a template you may use to create your own "photo stained glass." The best part of this DIY is that each sheet only cost me 2 bucks to print at my local Fedex Kincos! Printing enough to fill a window  could cost less than a 20 dollar bill.

You will need Gimp Or Photoshop.

Step 1: Step 1

Download and open The Template. You will notice there is a folder with 20 sub folders. Each one has a number that coordinates with the template.

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