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And welcome to Instructables, this is a guide for newer people, if you need to know how to work properly on Instructables...
Also I would like to thank PKM, for great advice! -Thank-you!
Another Special Thanks to GorillaZmiko, Awesome Picture!-Thank-you!

Step 1: Making your very own account on www.Instructables.com

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To make an account on Instructables, simply look at the upper Right corner where it says "Sign up Now!" click it and fill out the questions, hit SIGN UP! and you have your very own account!
Stage-hand14 days ago

I love instructables Yeah, Having a hard time trying to join so thatI get full page reads and when want, downloads.


itgasht4 years ago
Nice job Shifrin, this was a nice idea.
The Jamalam7 years ago
I don't know how to add anything to my favourites list. can you help? Thank you
LOL i remember being a noob.
could you please tell mehow?
i dont get how you add pictures.
dciocoiu6 years ago
how do I make my own group?
Are you using Firefox with an iFox theme? Well anyway, was this supposed to tell as around Instructables or just basically tell us how to start?
Kaiven7 years ago
add information about how you have to click reply to reply to someone...people get lucky when they just add comment and i happen to see it.
Nice job Shifrin, this was a great idea.
Shifrin (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Eh, Thanks... uh, is it okay if I borrow one of your pictures, the one that says I want your Instructable... ; )
Yeah, here you go. Post this picture of the Instructables Robot, yours has something on the side of it. Also, add in this Instructables logo if you want.
It looks like the Instructables words are connected to Instructables Robot, but they're separate pictures.
Danny7 years ago
Your zip is 60045, you need a better sensor.
Danny Danny7 years ago
oh and 1994
KentsOkay Danny7 years ago
Oh yah smooth, releasing his information LOL
iKill KentsOkay7 years ago
go ahead and say hes dumb for doing that... but look below that, seems he goes the elms-place middle school, have fun getting kidnapped and/or rapped hehe
Shifrin (author)  iKill7 years ago
Shifrin (author)  Danny7 years ago
What Censor? : ) Did you like the Instructable? Do you think it may help out the newer people on the Instructables community?
Yeah, not too hard to see it...apparently he lives in IL, I'll let you figure out his city.

Anyways, nice instructable!
PKM7 years ago
Who needs the i on the upper left corner? Right click -> view image works just as well :)

I'd be tempted to add
- If you think someone may have made the same Instructable as you, search for it to avoid reposts where you don't add anything
- Play with that little flower icon on your digital camera, see what it does
- Abusive or negative comments, while they are unlikely to get you banned (unless they are really negative), are quite likely to make people less inclined to take you seriously and value your input less.

(These are not aimed at you, Shifrin, they are things I wish more people did)
Shifrin (author)  PKM7 years ago
Thanks, I will do that later tonight!
Shifrin (author)  Shifrin7 years ago
Thanks! check out the bottom of the intro and step 3!
Try opening the picture in any image editing program and color over the censored part..if you press the "i" on the upper left hand corner, you can download the photo and see.
Shifrin (author)  Weissensteinburg7 years ago
KentsOkay7 years ago
Not to shabby! Might I also make th recommendation that users use Firefox for both ease of use and a handy spell check. Good grammar is also a plus, no1 wnts 2 listen nd reed toos n00b spk lolz