Make a handheld skating and snowboarding sail !

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These unique portable folding sails are used in conjunction with skates and boards of all types by kids and adults of all ages. From summer In-line skate sailing to winter Snowboard sailing, discover the fun of using the power of the wind for free, ecological (green) energy. Other possible modes of transport include Skateboards, Mountainboards, Skate shoes, Snow skates, Ice skates, the possibilities are endless. Other skate sails cost hundreds of dollars and are rigid. This sail design folds down in seconds and weighs only a few pounds.
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Step 1: Snowboard sailing on lake

Step 2: At the beach

Picture of at the beach
An example near the water

Step 3: Sailing on parking lot

Step 4: On the snow

Picture of on the snow
With a snowboard

Step 5: Here are the steps so you can build your own handheld sail

Picture of Here are the steps so you can build your own handheld sail
sail detail.JPG
These are the steps I took to build my first dozen or so skate sails.


1. For the sail part you will need a tarp about 8' X 10' (~$4.99), duck tape (~$2.99) and clear plastic material (the kind old ladies cover the furniture with)that's about two buck for a square yard. These can be found at a Walmart near you, the clear material being found in the fabrics section.

2. The 3/8" fiberglass shock chorded poles can also be found at that store or a large camping store (Dicks, Gander etc.) They run about $6.99 for 4 sections, and since you need six, unfortunately you need two packages.

3. Finally you will need about two feet of plastic tubing about 3/8" inner diameter and some zip ties. These will be used to keep your sail affixed to the tips of your poles. They can be found at Lowes, Home Depot etc.
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ElvenChild1 year ago
Where I live, the wind seems to only get up to 14km/h, how high a wind speed do you think you need for this to be used effectively?
nelelr6 years ago
Has anyone seen instructions on making a "paraglider" sail on the cheap out of tarp and other materials similar to the ones this guy has shown? I read an article about guys in africa where people go paragliding sitting underneath a sail they run off of grass hills and glide to the bottom and sometimes can even catch a thermal and stay afloat for hours. apparently the locals were so intrigued that they made their own working parasails out of garbage bags and tarps etc i'd love to see some instructions for those sails they made. I guess its the same process as above just probably a different shape and probably a stacked tubular chute rather than a single sail? I really dont know enough about this can someone provide a link or type some info to give me a clue?!
Thats sketchy, parasails are a lot more comlicated than this, wouldn't be using tarps or trash bags for that. If you do, good luck, there are parasailers by my house all the time, and they cant get sailing pretty far off the ground
zleebme nelelr5 years ago
When it comes to paragliding i wouldn't trust a tarp to hold me a couple hundred feet in the air.
ilpug3 years ago
this is awesome, but in my experience, tent poles are always breaking. would it be ok if i used broom handles, PVC, or rope handles?
de0509 ilpug3 years ago
well, unless the broom sticks can disrupt the wind too much. But think about it, they are at most about 1 inch in diameter. they should be better.

Dont have the funds and time for now, but id like to suggest. 2 sticks for holding onto, hockey tape to prevent splinters and tie top of stick to top of another stick and bottom to bottom with paracord. Then you find a way to attach the tarp to the ropes once you finished it do message me :D. pleaseeee.....
ilpug de05093 years ago
I will try it with 3/4 inch PVC pipe.
evindrews3 years ago
I'm just asking, but how do you stop if the wind is blowing really hard? This looks very fun, I'll try it with my long board, but i'm afraid of falling off and losing the sail
haha a few of my friends and i did this with tarps and broomsticks a year or so ago with longboards, was a ton of fun!
aden breems3 years ago
You could never do that with a power kite!!!
Dread_Neck3 years ago
you can also use old tent poles, connect and duct tape.
Raydoom4 years ago
Where did you get your skateboard wheels from?
It is not a skate board it is a mountainboard- but for onthe road stuff search for a longboard ( it is meant for cruising on and going long distences) longboard can also make turns compared to skateboards
Dreistein5 years ago
 could this make me go into the air

cheeze11256 years ago
why do u put the windows on it just makes 1 part weaker but this is a awesome ifdea
it is for visibility, you will be facing the tarp, i can not believe how many people ask this
Let them find out the hard way as that is usually the best way to learn LOL!!
Haha, I got really bored one windy night last November so I grabbed a bedsheet, a bamboo stick and some other random stick and tried doing this down the Boston Commons. XD
bneboys5 years ago
I did this with a big sign that people were giving out at a protest... same principle people were looking at me real weird (the sign said "drop Bush not bombs"
NZbomber6 years ago
Hey, If i were to make a makeshift mountain board and have one of these how fast would this pull me. also would it work better if you modified one of these to use as a kite for land boarding or similar? Thanks
Owenmon6 years ago
man if i made this today i would've been flying :D the wind was like 60 mph
if u want, it may be helpful to the veiwers if u made a video of u making one of the ones that ur about to sell maybe with some tips on doing it that u learned throgh out all the ones u ahv made, just a thot nothin else lol thanks again for ur answers j man
pmac936 years ago
don't the tent poles come apart when the sail pulls on them?
dguillot (author)  pmac936 years ago
That is the best question I have received yet. Very 3-D and intuitively thought out. The idea is that the friction that occurs when the wind pulls and bends the poles attached by ferrules actually keeps the poles tightly in place. Ever try the Chinese finger torture device? The harder you pull, the stronger it gets. BTW this instructable is available on E-Bay under "skate sail" and will be showcased in Vegas at the 2008 International Inventor's Exposition in October.
i coodnt find it on ebay?
dguillot (author)  KNEX BUILDING IS FUN6 years ago
sry, I sold two last week and didn't re-list another. Try it now and good luck! David
oooh i see it thanks. sorry but 50 or so is to much for me to save up, but thanks anyways, your insturctable explains it great so ill just make it myself, and then i gues post a video on if you'd like thanks J Man
and codnt u also put felixable plastic tubing on the betweens( in between of the sectoins) of the poles?
how do i buy the onse available to the public? or is it free? either way is it free or how much does it cost dgulliot( the public ones )?
cheeze11256 years ago
what are the windows for
you are going to be facing the tarp, so you need to see where you are going
dguillot (author)  shammallamaman6 years ago
Generally the sail is in front of you so yes, They are there so you don't crash into cars and trees.
XI3 dguillot6 years ago
have you thought about making a kite version of this? mabey using a wake board handle with a rope hooked to each corner. this could get you faster (because higher up more wind.) and it would solve the visibility issue.
gameboy7oa6 years ago
you could just probly use a tent fly alot easier then all of that work
put a lot of rain guard on the tent fly and it works realy well
Teh_Fluff6 years ago
try it with a ripstik/wave board/blade board
dguillot (author) 6 years ago
FYI, first edition of these are available real cheap on E-bay. Seller even offers money for pics and vids back.
Rye21216 years ago
how do u get your instructables to be "featured"?
You need to make something awesome... That includes a lot of your own (high quality) pictures. Have clear instructions, credits and applicable warnings... Novel (or seemingly novel) projects are a big bonus ;) Then, a staff member has to also think it's awesome. And then that staff member will feature it ;)
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