This is a really good idea if you don't have a lot of room in your backyard, of if you're like me, aren't the greatest at keeping plants alive. They can be used any time of the year and you can grow almost anything in them. The best use for them is to start seedlings off or like me turn them into herb planters. If you are using it for anything with a complex and large root system keep in mind that they will need to be taken out of the foam box eventually, as they will start to grow through it.

What you will need.
  •  a fairly deep foam box
  •  an extra piece of foam (i got mine from the inside of an appliance)
  •  a hobby knife
  •  PVA glue
  •  White paint (or any colour)
  •  small piece of netting
  •  potting mix
  •  any seeds you like, i used chives, basil and parsley

Step 1: Foam Box

I got my foam box from my work but they are very easy to come by just ask your local supermarket as they usually have them out the back. The first thing to do is to paint your foam box you can use any paint for this, i have even used house paint and it works fine.  This will help keep the shape to the box and it wont break down as fast. You can use any colour you want but i would suggest lighter colours as the sun will reflect off it and it will help to keep the roots and plants cool in summer. After a couple of coats you should feel that is has made the box a lot stronger.

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