Picture of A home built training potty.
My son has a toddler cousin, Zyra, that fully matches him in destructive ability.  If they weren't so sweet about it I think we'd give them to gypsies.

At almost 2 1/2 years old she is getting to the potty training stage.  Except there is no training potty here.  So she would have to go straight to the full sized toilet on her instructional voyages.  Not good.

Yesterday, sweet Zyra announced something in (Filipino) baby talk and then pee'ed herself (so it ran down her leg onto the floor of my house).  It's not a BIG deal as the floor is concrete (pretty standard in the Philippines) but I wanted her to have something better.

And of course, I wanted my son, almost 1 1/2 years old now, to have a positive example so he will be easily potty trained himself...

Step 1: Solution to be

Picture of Solution to be
So I decided to make a potty for her from scrap wood I have laying around behind the daddy crib (my tool corral used to be my sons playpen).

I brought out some likely pieces and my layout tools to the back  porch after I had primered the baby bus bench and got Zyra's father to help.

I didn't even sketch this out as I had a pretty good idea what I was going to make.

wilgubeast1 year ago

Lucky kids, especially if the finish is smooth. I'm pretty sure "poop hole" is standard terminology in the toddler toilet manufacturing industry.

EcoExpatMike (author)  wilgubeast1 year ago

It's pretty smooth; I mean, they sit on dirt & gravel all the time, so as long as they don't get a splinter I figure we're good.

Or maybe I need to add a magazine rack?

EcoExpatMike (author) 1 month ago

awww...such a cute team!!! they need sugar...and chocolate...lol...nice project too

EcoExpatMike (author) 1 year ago

Success. Arturo is now using the potty we put in the bathroom. We are so excited! Such a smart 1 2/3 year old boy!

Still no success in getting the year OLDER toddler cousin to use the one we put in HER mothers bathroom.