This is a small scale water pump. It runs on three volts DC and has lots of uses. I made this for use in a water cooler in order to cool a TEC. It runs nice, and there have been no problems for the three months that I have had it.
How does it work?
In order to understand this pump you must understand Bernoulli's principle which states; as fluid speed increases pressure decreases. But what does this have to do with water pumps? Well for those who did not know, air is a fluid along with water, and inside the pump there is an impeller. That impeller starts to move the air fast causing a pressure drop. The low pressure inside causes water to be drawn up the bottom tube and shot out the side. Simple.
How did you make it?
I got the idea when looking at a bottle cap, and it was so simple it just had to work.
First I took a bottle and cut the neck off.
Then I found the small dot in the very center of the cap and drilled it out to be snug with the lip sticking out of the motor near the spindle.
Then I glued the motor on the cap so it lined up with the hole.
Then I took a 1/4" tall piece of thin aluminum sheet metal about 5" long.
I cut it into 4 1/2" segments and bent them in half to form 90 degree angles.
I hot glued the four pieces of metal to form a plus shape.
Then I hot glued that on to the motor spindle making sure it is centered.
Next run the motor and make sure it is balanced well, if not rearrange it until it is balanced.
Then cut two 1" lengths of copper tube
Next drills a hole in the side of the bottle cap the size of the tube and hot glue it in. MAKE SURE THE IMPELLER STILL SPINS FREELY AND DOSNT HIT THE TUBE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
Then cut a small piece of Plexiglas and drill another hole in it the size of the tube. Hot glue this to the bottom and you're done!

10/2/2009 EDIT: XDleader555 made an instructable! (which I was to lazy to do) go visit here!

4/6/2010 EDIT: A few days ago I went digging around in my junk box for this pump.  I found it...broken :\  The motor spindle had rusted and frozen in place....damn.  I am currently looking for another motor, so if anybody is actualy planning on doing this, try looking for a motor with analuminum spindle.  Or maybe just buy a pump, but hey this is Instructables not gououtandbuyables!  :)
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hharsh22 months ago

what is Maximum and minimum current/voltage required to drive the motor ???

junits15 (author)  hharsh223 days ago

depends on your motor, around 5v at a few hundred milliamps should do the trick. measure the resistance of your motor to calculate the current at a given voltage :)

QSDR1 year ago
it would require some effort but maybe the impeller coud be in a sealed waterproof unit with a magnetic rotor on the motor outside to operate the impeller remotely

rlindstrom2 years ago
Go to a junk yard and find an old car windshield washer pump they are usally made of plastic and if your lucky you can get the tank to go with it on the cheap.
junits15 (author)  rlindstrom2 years ago
thing is those aren't meant to be running all the time, and they can overheat.
kushalverma3 years ago
i had also made a water pump like this but a problem occurred that the water gets inside the motor and the motor stops running please help me to solve my problem........
junits15 (author)  kushalverma3 years ago
to solve your a pump lol, the motor I used (im assuming you used a similar one) isnt meant to be wet, it will rust up quickly and sieze up.
kostaz95 years ago
So can this pump do this?
Evote kostaz93 years ago
Put the bucket on the table, and use syphoning :)
Does your plant need so much water that you need a pump? You can try making an Air Pump. The below video is very helpful and may suit your needs.
junits15 (author)  kostaz95 years ago
with a short table it can, but you can use a siphon for that, just move the bowl to the top of the table. :)
Mudbud3 years ago
I made one of these too!! only mine is HUGE!! jk but it is larger. pics soon!!!
Mudbud Mudbud3 years ago
well here it is, fully submersible, 6VDC water pump.

100_2191 (Small).JPG100_2193 (Small).JPG100_2194 (Small).JPG
junits15 (author)  Mudbud3 years ago
cool i look forward to seeing it
ben_k5 years ago
I just made one with a slightly different design. Here are some pics:
zack247 ben_k3 years ago
how well does it work?
batman96 ben_k4 years ago
 make the blades go to the edges of the container and it will work much better
bongy ben_k5 years ago
Is that an half contact lens container ? If i try to use an entire one, one with two lens container, do you think it could be faster than your? Regards, enrico.
ben_k bongy5 years ago
Nope, just a bottle cap that I sliced thin and glued on top.
junits15 (author)  ben_k5 years ago
That was one of my first ideas but i didnt think it would work, how does it preform? However, THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think anybody would actualy make it!
ben_k junits155 years ago
It works fairly well. The paralell pipe design I used does not pump as much water as your original design, which I also tried, but I found it to be much more reliable and it was much easier to build. One downside though is that it is fairly loud. I used a pretty small motor, so it makes a verry whiny sound even when only running at 3 volts DC. Did you not actually build it yourself?
junits15 (author)  ben_k5 years ago
oh i built mine myself but hrough alot of trial and error... and graph paper! I just never thought anybody would take this serously....... I do lilke the parriell pipe design it might work better on a larger scale. :)
zack2473 years ago
it... rusted?? i made one a long time ago... i should probably check it then, i used it once and forgot about it... although it looks okay...
mr. clean4 years ago
u can also use a fuel pump those things can build some pressure and pump a lot of water BUT they will rust.
notaclue124 years ago
I finally went to RadioShack and picked up a 9V motor that runs at 24000 rpm. So sometime soon hopefully I will make one of these. So far I have aluminum from a soda can(I accidentally cut myself with my scissors) A straw for the tubing(I am cheap :) A bottle lid And a hot glue gun. Thanks for making this instructable. I have been looking for a simple water pump for a long time.
junits15 (author)  notaclue124 years ago
soda can aluminum dosn't work at all, The hot glue won't stick to it.
I thought you said a soda can would work in a comment below.
junits15 (author)  notaclue124 years ago
as a last resort, you CAN use it if you want to, but it is hard to work with
Yeah, I kinda know that now. The hot glue holds a bond rather well, but was a PAIN putting it together(I also burned my finger) Attaching the impeller to the motor shaft is rather hard as the hot glue keeps cooling too fast. I just hope it works when I'm done.
junits15 (author)  notaclue124 years ago
inf you put enough it *should* be fine
dont forget its really easy to fatigue and break

do you have any idea for another water pump with higher outlet Pressure?

junits15 (author)  amirhossein884 years ago
not a clue :) bigger impeller? maybe one made with a mini maglight reflector ;)
i have an impeller with 3 fins in mine, and it works pretty well. i think 3 moves more water than 4 fins
brainiac4 years ago
what do you think yould be better this design or a diaphram?
junits15 (author)  brainiac4 years ago
i have never used a diaphram, so i dont know
arihant4 years ago
is this submersible or non submersible????????please clarify it!!!!!!!!
junits15 (author)  arihant4 years ago
not at all submersible, you would rust out the motor.
dawgz0314 years ago
can i ask something.... using an ordinary motor as pump like this will get the motors wet?right? and how can you prevent the water from entering the motor?
 dab on some vasaline and it will not leak.
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