Introduction: A Introduction to VBScript Programming

VBScript is a simple programming language executed by Windows Script Host it can Be coded with Notepad or Notepad++
its extension is .vbs and can be executed on ANY windows machine VBS stands for Visual Basic Script therefore it is basic so no 
icons / images can be used with it. Over the years computing has become more common and complicated VBScript is used in SO
many applications it is normally used for message boxes (Msgbox) or input boxes (inputbox) keep in mind it is A LOT more simple than C++ C# or executable files (Applications) .

Step 1: Making a VBScript Error Message

1. First open Notepad then copy this : msgbox("message here"),4+16,("title here") into notepad.
2. Save The file as whatever.vbs
3.Open The File it should look like this:

Step 2: Editing the Error

  Now you can edit the message e.g msgbox("highvoltageguy"),4+16,("instructables") That will look like:

Step 3: Input Boxes

Now here's where VBScript gets fun here's an example : inputbox("Sup"),,("inputbox") save as yourname.vbs start it and what do you see an inputbox! (if it worked) now you know basic programming!


ReubenD5 (author)2016-03-14

yes it might not be a BIG tutorial but it teaches something

lemonie (author)2012-02-15

Instructables about programming languages aren't anything like as useful as instruction on how to do something worthwhile with programming.


highvoltageguy (author)lemonie2012-02-16

what do you mean???

Mr_ MikaS (author)highvoltageguy2015-09-10

lemonie means that you should teach us how to code something worthwhile, which this is something worthwhile and she thinks that coding is easy. Yes I know that coding takes years to learn, but lemonie is not very bright.


He means that it's not worth doing a tutorial on something if your not going to to us anything useful in it.

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