Step 11: Top 10 Things to Say in the Principal's Office

1. I didn't know!
2. I feel horrible (yeah right)!
3. I would pay for it, but I don't have any money
4. It seemed like a good idea at the time
5. He did it!
6. Let's pretend I already feel really bad about this...
7. It wasn't my fault!
8. I'm sorry! I really am!
9. Here, you can hit me back
10. Look over there!
Different calculators have different buttons.<br>For one of mine shift+7+AC went into screen test mode, and then button test mode, so it displayed all kinds of stuff.
I recognize #6 from Calvin and Hobbes. Nice to know it works for school as well, that was one of my favorites.
This actually isn't all too accurate.
if it isnt than you suck!
you should use your index finger and your thumb instead. more power <br>
I used that calculator for the hack but mine is casio sl - 300sv but it did not work
ghost man
Noooo my teacher calls on you if you look like your paying attetion or if your not even though you don't raise your hand<br>
I've seen a video on youtube telling you how to make one of those
My pencil hit my nose when i tried this :X
this is cool well im 12 and i completed making 5 in 2 minutes. :)
when you throw them what happens?
<p>they fly, and shatter in impact. quite entertaining :D</p>
lol<br />
i made 1 10 like 20 seconds, im 14<br />
i have already used at least 9 of those! jk they seem good
by th way thay just kame out with a 2nd version w/ new stuff in it!
osome!!!! fam holidae tip: sope bottl= mustard<br/>
top 10 things: <br/>Well I COULD apologize, im not going to, she deserved it.<br/><sup> have actualy said that, resulted in being suspended lol</sup><br/>haha very good lol<br/>
U want me 2 add it?
it would probably be best if you just made more detailed instructables for each of these and made one of those instructable with lots of links to other instructables that seem so popular

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