I have been on this site for a while and have just recently signed up, this is my second gun, and the best i have built so far, with my setup of rubber bands i happend to get over 26 feet, not bad for a early builders gun huh? Well I thought id post it.
edit 2\20\08
i thought this gun was awesome when i made it, but i have to admit it sucks
k back then i was "naive" to knex guns (that was last summer, not too long agao) and didnt know what i was getting into, it is getting close to me bieng a member, so i think i should know a lot more on knex guns (not spelling :p )

Step 1: Build Barrel

this is 90% of the gun, haha
pic#1: my new loading place and handle
pic2: to help you build this compladed thing (yes i cant spell)
3, same as 2, and so on

Step 2: Fireing Pin

whow mor straght foward could this be?
i feel like a twerp posting this step, but it must be done

Step 3: The Rest of the Barrel

um yeah this is prety easy
pic2: realy easy

Step 4: Put Togeather!!!!!!!!!!

um yeah it easy agan

Step 5: Rubber Bands


Step 6: Your Done With Your Gun

it should look like this

Step 7: New Guns

Hey guys, trying to produce better guns, here is a sneak peak
2,618 people ignored your sensible message and clicked anyways. Including me.
~cough cough~
Reverse psychology, you worked again! <br>
EEEEEP!!! <br>
LOLZ! Me too!
<strong>If you came to this with your hand on your chin you have to comment</strong>
I made a BIG mistake by clicking, this gun is a total waste of time
very innovative gun
ATTENTION ALL K'NEX GUN-MAKERS or better still ESPECIALLY ww2 gun enthusiasts<br/><br/>Please visit:<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them-/">https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-M1-Garand-or-the-lack-of-them-/</a><br/>
never mind....
i have seen the exact gun barrel, or similar to before, so please post a link to who's gun you copied off of!!!
we all know that block triggers are, well, boring, but they support the most pressure, try 4 broccoli rubberbands on a simple block trigger. up urs.
what about block triggers connected to a fake trigger? a couple good one use that
that barrel will slow the rod a lot<br/>and you should look at <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Mepain/">https://www.instructables.com/member/Mepain/</a><br/> and <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/the_burrito_master/">https://www.instructables.com/member/the_burrito_master/</a><br/>
Need I set everything straight here?<br/>#1. This loading system is nothing like Ipod Killer's. Accept it.<br/>#2. There is nothing new about the gun. the loading system has been done before, almost an entire year ago. Check my first Instructable.<br/>#3. Ashchetm: Use the reply button.<br/>#4. Ipod Killer's sniper is not semi-automatic.<br/>#5. Why use that system if the gun is single-shot in the first place?<br/>#6. <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-great-Knex-weapon-Instructable/">https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-great-Knex-weapon-Instructable/</a><br/>
1. Yeah I know it it not ipod killer's style, to tell you the truth i was not trying to steal anyone's loader. 2. REALLY SORRY I did not mean to take anyone's design; especially not from you 3.which reply button there is two, sorry if this sounds dense 4.I know now, I really don't have much background in real guns (yes I am working on learning) and I am completely aware of the fact there is only a handful of true semi-auto knex guns 5. intended on a breach loader 6. read it a few times, but haven't considered its tips until now, yeah stupid decision And one more thing, i have a rifle that i have a forum on, and i have a sniper rifle that is all metallic colored honest, gona post some pictures soon edit: i used the other reply button
your right, to tell ya the truth im gonna change my instructable around so people understand more
u idiots ipod killers doesnt use it, his has 5, mepains uses the loading system
um sry, but can you show me how it is the same as mine? then i will post that you have made this the same too oh teah and in my month and a half of being here i havent seen your rifle, sry agan
it uses a gap for puting a blue rod in and it fires it out of the barrel! and i gues its ok.
5 what
answer to captianchace: , if you just lookied clocely at ipod killers koading mechinism it has three suports for the bullet, and mine has two, anyone can back me up answer to gamer5: i dont want to be the next august and be rude to anyone, so sorry, and another thing, the measage about what i knew what i was talking about was about my loading systym to captainchace
no ipod killers has five..
two supports dont have a difference, its not different its just a downgrade
theres lots of three suport guns, but only two guns that hafe two at an unlikely angle, gee do you hate me or something? and how is it a down grade if it works just fine?
this is the same as ipodkillers-one thing, which actually makes it not any different
i have been around here for a month, but just recently signed up, i know what i am talking about
hahaha ive been around for like 3months or more i dont know i know what im talking about you dont
no it doesent, my loader has two suporsts, and ipod killer's has three, mivne is different, besides i quote "but i have reasearched and there is no other single shot gun that loads this way," ipod killers is a semi automatic, mine is a single shot!, why are you picking on my gun if you are wrong?!
check ipod killers sniper, it ueses same loader
it is a block trigger gun, but i have reasearched and there is no other single shot gun that loads this way, and this is my first instructable so lay off a bit, and i am not lieing, everything i said was true
looks ok but a block trigger not a new loading system or fireing or handle so not very good cause you lieing first comment

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