A Knex Bow and Arrow





Introduction: A Knex Bow and Arrow

This thing can shoot 40 feet

Some ppl might think this has a resemblance to nypa so just in case i give credit to nypa for the main design

Step 1: The Parts U Will Need

u will need

4 snowflake
4 right angle
2 orange or black straight
2 yellow

10 blue
4 yellow
1 long one, i used blue

2 wheels
4 spacers
1 rubber band

Step 2: Half the Body

i think its easy enough to follow the pics
if not pls tell

Step 3: Other Half

make two of these

Step 4: Putting Most of It Together

srry i dont no how to explain it
just follow the pic if u cnt pls comment and ill change it

Step 5: Putting the Rest of It Together

follow the pics

Step 6: Last Step

put the rubber band on put in ammo pull back and fire



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    It works better with the arrow If you add an orange latter shape part.

    dude, say if i need to put the rubber band between it.
    now i have to  open it up again >.>


    srry i was logged in as my bro but i meant wat i said

    Yes and i thot about changing it but i just dont have the time anymoreif you want to go thru the truble of changing it go ahead and be my guest and sorry

    are the wheels even knex because i have a huge set and cant find them

    I just made this its pretty fun

    thank you how far do you think you made it go?

    i think it can go about 3 quarters the length of a bus maybe