This thing can shoot 40 feet

Some ppl might think this has a resemblance to nypa so just in case i give credit to nypa for the main design

Step 1: The Parts U Will Need

u will need

4 snowflake
4 right angle
2 orange or black straight
2 yellow

10 blue
4 yellow
1 long one, i used blue

2 wheels
4 spacers
1 rubber band

Step 2: Half the Body

i think its easy enough to follow the pics
if not pls tell

Step 3: Other Half

make two of these

Step 4: Putting Most of It Together

srry i dont no how to explain it
just follow the pic if u cnt pls comment and ill change it

Step 5: Putting the Rest of It Together

follow the pics

Step 6: Last Step

put the rubber band on put in ammo pull back and fire
It works better with the arrow If you add an orange latter shape part.
dude, say if i need to put the rubber band between it.<br /> now i have to&nbsp; open it up again &gt;.&gt;
srry i was logged in as my bro but i meant wat i said<br />
Yes and i thot about changing it but i just dont have the time anymoreif you want to go thru the truble of changing it go ahead and be my guest and sorry<br />
are the wheels even knex because i have a huge set and cant find them
I just made this its pretty fun
thank you how far do you think you made it go?<br />
<p>i think it can go about 3 quarters the length of a bus maybe</p>
I get credit!
pls comment
dude, its only been like 5 days. chill. anyway, i love the way you used the wheels! and 40 feet is really good.
srry just excited that i made a good bow
no worries. its fine. and yes you'RE RIGHT YOU DID MAKE A GOOD BOW.
i did not mean to use capitols.
cool. it just doesn't make sense that no one likes these awesome bows.

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