Picture of A knight's lamp
Hi everybody! In this instructables I'll show you my latest design of lamp. Just imagine, you're a knight on retirement, you're enjoying yourself with the spoils of past conquests... but what to do with your trusty helmet? Look no further! Turn it into the coolest standing lamp!

Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
In the picture you can see an exploded view of the lamp.

-medieval looking helmet (I bought mine for 45 euros at a flea market)
-crankshaft of a car (found mine in a scrapyard for 5 euros)
-some electrical wires and 2 lamp sockets
-metal tube (diameter slightly larger than the crankshaft axle diameter) and some assorted metal for the lamp support
-round base for the lamp, I used a copper dish that fit it perfectly.
dorkpirate1 year ago
a metal tube would have been boring. the crankshaft looks cool. I've seen them used in trophies and art before and it always winds up looking awesome. good job on the lamp. I love lamp :P
bkelly10121 year ago
I Love Lamp...haaa...Voted!
action pig1 year ago
The crankshaft looks amazing with the helmet! Voted :)
one of the COOLEST lamps ever!
bkelly10121 year ago
No way! the crankshaft looks so f'n cool dude! I seriously wanna make this!
Jobar0071 year ago
Why a crankshaft and not a more simplistic metal tube? The crankshaft feels out of place with a helm.
Mr.Hyde (author)  Jobar0071 year ago
Call me crazy, but I think it looks perfect together. Maybe this is my crazy side speaking, but to me it sometimes looks like a spinal column!