Picture of A light box for camping driven by an old camera electronics

Outdoors can be dark, no light around and you are searching for your drink inside of your tent. And you are not able to find it. What a horrible scenario.
Of course you can use matches, candles, stinking gasoline lanterns or you are using Horatius Steam´s light box.

It is smart, bright and easy to use.  ;-)

And it is driven only by two parallel connected AAA cells.

Let´s see at the following steps how this is possible.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

A disposal camera
One or two battery holders
A switch
An energy saving bulb
A nice housing for all components

Some materials to decorate the box.
fretted2 years ago
if you added a bigger battery bank would the charge last longer say 1 or 2 D cells?
Horatius.Steam (author)  fretted2 years ago
Yes, but parallel. More than 1.5V will damage the inverter.
Thanks now i know thanks for the info i started on my box yesterday cant wait to finish it
MikleDog3 years ago
I tried this project, its great... I did use slightly different parts for the electronic side but it does the same job and i tried to add a steam punk theme.
Thanks for the inspiration! :)
Sehr schön!
foobear4 years ago
my god its beautiful
Lorddrake4 years ago
what a brilliant (pardon the pun) idea.