Picture of A liquid SOAP saver!
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Step 1: Liquid soap saver

Picture of Liquid soap saver
This is my instructable simplest (for now), however the public the same because I have been helpful in saving 30%  SOAP in my family.
 The implementation is done with simple bands by electronics. I started bringing 3, the number up to 1 that, in my distributor of SOAP allows a good dose with a sufficient savings.

Step 2: Bye

Picture of Bye
I think with little effort you can save money and reduce pollution of the seas, and whether an sea is made of many drops of water, each drop of SOAP in less one or more drops of sea saved across! thanks for your attention.
 I forgot: adding yet bands until the distributor gets a safe extreme savings. If this thing will be made on the evening of 31 March will be a sure joke fish in April for the following day. The next and good fish of April.

I'm really confused to what this 'ible is for....
Blofish4 years ago
Thank you for sharing your ideal
torx (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for the compliments, is a small contribution and is just a different application of the straps for electronics which in this case make it faster and practical work ...Thanks a lot.
DIY Dave5 years ago
great idea; I've seen people use rubber bands on their soap but zipties look nicer