Picture of A liquid SOAP saver!

Step 1: Liquid soap saver

Picture of Liquid soap saver
This is my instructable simplest (for now), however the public the same because I have been helpful in saving 30%  SOAP in my family.
 The implementation is done with simple bands by electronics. I started bringing 3, the number up to 1 that, in my distributor of SOAP allows a good dose with a sufficient savings.
I'm really confused to what this 'ible is for....
Blofish4 years ago
Thank you for sharing your ideal
torx (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for the compliments, is a small contribution and is just a different application of the straps for electronics which in this case make it faster and practical work ...Thanks a lot.
DIY Dave5 years ago
great idea; I've seen people use rubber bands on their soap but zipties look nicer