Introduction: A Little Cd Rom Drive Shelf

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  I made this for the dead computer contest. Hope you have fun build this.If you like this

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Step 1: Things You Need

Things you need,
screw driver,
2 cd rom drives.

Step 2: Un Screw

Picture of Un Screw

 Un screw your two cd rom drives  save the screws and take every thing thats in them out.

Step 3: Screw

Screw  the to drives back together.

Step 4: On Top

Picture of On Top

Put the two cd rom drives on top of each other. then  find out   what side is the front  than tape the backs together.

Step 5: Done!

Picture of Done!

Tape the  front  of the cd  rom drives together like the pic and your done enjoy!


mike patterson (author)2010-02-21

Hi! I am not trying to be nasty or funny--I just don't know what this is!

Cannot see squat from the pictures and have no idea what a "Driveshelf" is.

Please let me know.

TSC (author)mike patterson2010-03-07

I up date it!!!!!!!!

TSC (author)mike patterson2010-02-21

sorry I mean to up date it its a  CD rom drive

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