A Little More Spark...Modern Steel Media Center




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Introduction: A Little More Spark...Modern Steel Media Center

Timothy Adam Designs

You'll find here the making of an modern steel entertainment center. This was designed and built by Timothy Adam.



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     yeah lol i got a welder this christmas it is a stick welder from princess auto it is 70 amp 120 volt i am looking forward to buying a 8 by 6 steel shed and setting up a workshop in it fr metal work and welding and small engine repair i love welding i am pretty good at now but i only know stick and oxyactylene 

    Wow! love the look. I can't wait to get a welder this summer!

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    Lol yeah, some people look forward a dirtbike, boat or bike for thye summer. We're looking forward to welding :D

    haha me to and im 14

    How did you deter it from rusting and was your right hand burned afterwards from allt he arc access it got ?
    Otherwise nicely done.

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    Yeah just a little burnt!!  I use a rustolume spray enamel to prevent rust.

    Very nice job, perfect song and method of presenting this as well. fav +1

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    thanks...i picked the song by accident..but i love it!

    how much does it weigh...looks heavy....about 100 lbs?

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    Wow, far better than i was expecting. Well done. I Love the bit at the end where you move the lights around. One bit of advice - Change your title to something more like "A little more Spark - Metal Media Center" As i almost completely missed this gem!

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