self sustaining ecosystems have always interested me and I thought that its just a simple ecosystem so i am making this instructable I hope you like it.
I decided to add a bottle garden (one plant in a bottle or any airtight container) to a self sustaining ecosystem to add to the look
WARNING: this project contains live animals and no animals were harmed in the making of this nor should they ever be.

Step 1: Part One:

be sure to get some distilled water or you can get something that makes tap water ok for fish (the yellow bottle on the right.)
aquarium gravel or sand is good too.
Go to hobby lobby or any store that might sell vases and get a small jar or whatever that will fit into the second jar, the second jar must be very large or atleast large enough to fit the small jar in it and have enough room for fish and plants you can also get the glue gun and glass glue from there.
What is going to happen is you are going to put the smaller vase/jar into the bigger container.
you can also have decorations but i prefer the natural look.
(NOTE:be sure to wash everything very thoroughly)
<p>How many of each of the animals should we put in?</p>
<p>I need help!!</p>
<p>where does the tubing come in? how does the water and shrimp on the outside effect the plant on the inside?</p>
<p>I think the plant in the middle is more for decoration, but if the top of the jar is sealed it can supply oxygen for some time before it dies due to lack of Co2. The tubing can help Oxidize the water if your into that.</p>
<p>You should really complete the nitrogen cycle before adding live pets</p>
<p>I, Teri Encinas, would like to purchase one of ecosystem and aquarium. How?</p>
<p>do you have to take care of it in anyway after you are done</p>
This is genius
<p>let's say one of the shrimp dies... do you leave them in there? do the others eat its remains? or do you remove it?</p>
<p>Yes, the other shrimp will eat its remains and the nutrients from its body they don't eat will feed the plants.</p>
I accidentally said distiller water I meant unchlorinated water
<p>Yes, I woundn't recommend distilled or reverse osmosis water. Tap is actually best, the impurities will actually be great supliments to your lil eco system. Just make sure the clorine evaporates off. </p>
<p>I don't understand... Why is the venus fly trap in there? What is the function of it?</p>
Do you place the lid on the larger jar to make it completely self contained?
If you could show what the purpose of the tubing was that'd be very helpful.
What was the purpose of the airline tubing?
what purpose does the venus fly trap serve in this ecosystem? Couldn't this same ecosystem be achieved with just the large jar filled with the gravel, shrimp, algae, etc.? All in all I like it though and I definitely want to do it myself, how much were the shrimp?
I love this idea and will definately give it a shot!! It allows me to have fish but not have to worry about the larger tanks! Thanks so much for a great instructable!
This is awesome!
Where did you get your jars? I wasn't able to find any that large online.
I love the Luna reference :D
We did something like this a few years ago in Biology. I forgot about mine ad it went into my closet, and then everything in it died. A few months ago i found it, put it in the sun, and a few weeks later it revived. <br>
will it work without the venus flytrap
It looks like you used a peacock fern in your setup, from what I've seen those are a scam and actually don't survive underwater for very long as they are land plants. How is the setup surviving so far?
It's actually still doingnvery well
Glad to hear it :) I'll have to try it out!
I put my tap water in a jug over night and that lets the chlorine evaporate and brings it to room temperature.
Were did you get the shrimp,
I got them at bobs tropical fish online and they are red cherry shrimp
Fantastic! I used to have one very expensive store bought version of this. They included a magnet inside that I could use with another magnet from the outside to clean the walls when needed.

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