A Minimalist's Paracord Necklace





Introduction: A Minimalist's Paracord Necklace

Hello Knotty People,

Have you read my featured author interview recently? If you have, you might have read about my obsession for unstoppable thinking & observation. So now I have a question for you.

Did you tie your shoe laces? Well I am sure all of us do. But have you noticed something interesting about the first knot you tie? No? It is called overhand knot or simple knot, and most people tie it everyday. I would not have noticed it, but I did because I had been working a lot with knots these days.

The idea of this necklace is inspired by simple knot. Anyone can tie it, even if you have not ever worked with any knots, this is the knot you can begin with. It is amazingly simple.

This project was never planned by me, it just came to my mind approximately 2 hours back and I decided to give it a go.

I am calling it a minimalist's necklace because of its simplicity and elegance in design.

Lets make one.

Step 1: What Do You Need to Make a Minimalist's Necklace

You would need:

  1. 3 paracord cords of 5 feet each. Two of them should have same color.
  2. A cigarette lighter.
  3. A sharp scissor.

Step 2: Tying It Up

Please see images above and follow:

  1. Arrange 3 cords on a flat surface parallel to each other other such that the 2nd color cord sits in the middle.
  2. Leave about 10" of the cord.
  3. Hold the cord using your one hand.
  4. Pull the cord from below from over your thumb.
  5. Insert the end from below the cords on right H I N T: In short, tie a simple overhand knot.
  6. Pull the cords to make a firm knot. If you did it right, the knot will look like a pentagon shape.
  7. Proceed towards left, leave about 1.5" of cord and tie another overhand knot. N O T E: Remember to follow exact same pattern every time, overhand knot can be easily flipped and we don't want that.
  8. Repeat 3-6 to make 5 more knots. As you proceed you will notice that the necklace will being to bend and take shape by itself.

IMPORTANT: Overhand knot is super simple but to achieve the desired look of the necklace, just make sure that while you tie the knot, all three cords should remain parallel to each other.

Almost done here, we just need to take care of the extra cords dangling from both ends.

Step 3: Cut, Singe and Tie

We will use the cord in the middle as the necklace string.

Close to overhand knot at each end, cut and singe the cords on the sides carefully. this should leave the cord in the middle.

I thought to make the necklace length adjustable, I have already shown this technique in my beachwear necklace, please see there.

That's it, simple, fast and easy to make minimalist's necklace is ready :)

Hope you have enjoyed it. Please do share your feedback and questions in the comments below.

If you choose to make it, I would love it to see it through the 'i made it button' comment.

Please share and vote if you please.

You are awesome.

Stay tuned.

P.S: Get creative here, use large beads in between knots to make a different necklace :)



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Super.. love to try it with BEADS..

Yup :), beads would certainly make it more appealing :). Thanks Bhawya :)

This is so simple! Even I could try it without feeling intimidated by all those knots :-)

Thanks Shazni :). That exactly was my intention to make this :)

Sometimes less is more! You managed to show the beauty of paracord thanx to one of the most simple & clever designs ever. I love this, and I hope my wife just won't see it ;)

Thank you so much Buddy :). Since it is simple to make, I would take your wife's side ;)

This is beautiful bro!! Seems I am not the first to comment. :-) Not this time. Great job though :D

Thanks a lot Bro :) , Not just first but super quick too :D