A modification to bertus52x11's left handed dSLR holder. (with added mouth grip)

Picture of A modification to bertus52x11's left handed dSLR holder. (with added mouth grip)
So earlyer today bertus52x11 posted the most clever idea. Aimed at people who only have use of their left arm - permanently, or temporally. His original idea was to add a thumb hook to the tripod connecter underneath, allowing the camera to be held steady with just the left hand.

Before you read further, please go and check out his original slideshow.

All credit for this idea belongs to bertus52x11, I just modified it slight, mainly by chance.

When I saw his project, it instantly reminded me of a coat hook I had found recently, I made a comment to point out this fact, and said I would have a look and maybe post a picture. So I drilled one of the existing holes so it was big enough for a tripod thread mount. I then added a small circle of leather to give more depth, and added grip.

Once I had mounted it, it worked just as bertus52x11's idea. Allowing me to hold the camera, and activate the shutter with one hand. I was about to start sawing the extra protruding section off when I realised that it could easily be modified into a mouth grip, partly inspired from this instructable.

I then wrapped the mouth grip with another section of leather, and taped it on. I can easily support the weight of the camera with my mouth for a period of time, enough to use my left hand to pop the lens cap on, or even change the lens (though one would need to practice that.)

I am entering this into the Health by Design contest, but because it is so similair to bertus52x11's idea, the main reason I am entering it is so that if this instructable wins anything the prize will go to him, giving him an extra chance of winning! Be sure to check out his other projects, a lot of them are simple ideas, but the kind it takes a genius to think up.

ElvenChild3 years ago
How would you manual zoom with this...
ncalvin5 years ago
This is so bad for your teeth...
Jayefuu5 years ago
Nice Jake! Good to see people developing ideas from each other :D What's next? Wiring a remote trigger to the holder so you can take a picture by squeezing it with your lips while adjusting the zoom with your hand? 
I would like to see him zoom with his lips...
Berkin5 years ago
Awesome. The intro picture kind of freaked me out when I saw it in my subscription feed, but after reading the instructable, I think it's a pretty cool idea.

It would be highly amusing if you were able to modify this so you can somehow snap photos with your mouth as well.
kelseymh5 years ago
Very nice, Jake!  And a most eloquent introduction (do you want copyediting help, or not?).  I'm curious why you classified this in Living:Health, rather than Tech:Photography.  In any event, I've added it to the AT group.
gmjhowe (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
 I will take any and all help. As a second thought, Tech: Photography might be the better choice.