Introduction: A Morning Breakfast With Alby

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breakfast the most important meal of the day other than dinner but without a nice breakfast in your system you wont have as much mental energy as needed to complete the days school work and without that kiss your education goodbye

>Warning< if you don't like tasty food please navigate back to the homepage

Step 1: Gather Up Your Materials

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Kosher salt

Eggs of your choice

cheese grater

black pepper or any seasoning of your choice

any breed of potato or patato of your choice

Step 2: Start the Hash Browns

Picture of Start the Hash Browns

picture 2=start peeling the potato with a very sharp knife as shown in

picture3=a fully peeled potato

picture4=start to grate the potato like so

picture5=nicely grated like so

picture6=add a seasoning of your choice

picture7=put it on the pan

picture8-10=let it sizzle and cook

now your done with the hash browns

Step 3: Eggs

Picture of Eggs

i wouldn't call this a omelet just some eggs made to look good

picture1=pour 2 eggs into a apparatus of your liking

picture2-3= beat the eggs till they are nice and mixed

picture4=pre heat the pan then put some no stick spray

picture5-9=start cooking the eggs

picture10= season it

time to move on

Step 4: Coffee

Picture of Coffee

my favorite part of breakfast coffee i like the columbian coffee its tasty

pic2=pour it

Step 5: Time to Eat

Picture of Time to Eat

this is a time lapse of drinking coffee


lemonie (author)2009-08-17

Your omelette looks very tidy. People generally recommend squeezing grated potato in your hand before frying - with what (butter / oil)? L

albylovesscience (author)lemonie2009-08-17

OK i will try that i am buying new groceries today

Goodhart (author)2009-08-17

Looks great, although I have to limit things like Sodium (so the salt would have to be replaced with Lite salt or a substitute (No Salt can taste funny sometimes)....and frying is kind of off my list too. Still it looks great.

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