SO, you have spent anywhere between $50 and $90 for that REALLY cool Roman/Alexander the Great knife, you get it and find the plaque that come with it is GARBAGE! OR worse, the weight of the knife pulls the "L" screws from the particle board, it falls and cuts the dog in two! SO what do you do? BUILD A BETTER PLAQUE!

Step 1: First things first

The first item of business is to decide what material you are going to make the new plaque from. You have MANY choices, wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.
Being a wood worker, I chose wood.
Because the knife is so heavy, I decided against plywood or particle board and settled on dimensional lumber.
Again there were MANY choices, Pine, Maple, Oak, etc. Because I love the smell of Cedar when you cut or sand it and how a single piece of wood can go from chocolate brown to red to almost white in color within a few inches, I decided on Cedar.
One thing I didn't like about dimensional Cedar is its cost. At the time over $2 a board foot however there was an alternative. For less than $.50 a board foot I got Cedar fencing and from the wood I looked at, the fencing had better color and the grain pattern was more interesting.
Because Cedar fencing is thinner than dimensional Cedar, I glued two pieces of fencing face to face for thickness.
Nice knife and good job on the plaque<br>
Where can I get a knife like that ? It makes my 24&quot; Gurka Kukri look like junk!
Looks more like a Nepalese Kukri to me.
nope, thats an Alexander the great sword... although it has the same style of a kukri, you can tell the difference because of the lion's head on the pommel, the guard, and the design on the blade
true, it does look a little flashy for a kukri, but the shape is very similar. Anyway,great 'ible, thanks!
that is not a knife lol

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