I love pinterest!!! But then again who doesn't? About a year and a half ago, pinterest served as my inspiration for my creative neckties. I was scrolling down the page one night, when I accidently bumped into a similar necktie and thought it was pretty interesting. I purchased a necktie the next day, pleated it and sewed it by hand. After I placed it around my neck as a collar, I realized it looked a bit....boring!Being the crafty person that I am (ha-ha), I had a brilliant idea to complete the look....a button!!! I searched in my sewing kit and found the perfect navy blue button to go with it, and sewed it right by the tip of the tie. I LOVED IT!!!!!:) Ever since then, I have been sewing all kinds and shapes of buttons, flowers, sequins and pearls on my neckties! Take a look at much more styles on my etsy page at www.etsy.com/shop/stylesbyana

Step 1: What you will need:

1.A Necktie

2.Fashion Pins

3.Sewing Thread and Needle

4.Iron-On Velcro


So stylish! I might try making one as I have tons of ties! So clever! Thanks for sharing. <br>and please remember to have a splendorous summer! <br>sunshiine
Greetings from a great admirer of your work.....xoxo
This looks so pretty!!!
Thank you much! I am super excited to be one of the finalists!!! :)
Congrats on making in to the finals.like it very much
Thank you SO much everybody! :)
SO clever!!!!!!!!
Love it! I have left-over ties from my Necktie Halter Dress!
Oh ! This woman is so creative. <br>She's beautiful too !&hellip; <br>I wanna marry you !!!&hellip; ;) <br> <br>More seriously : thumbs up !&hellip;
I need some sewing skills! ;D
wow! nice idea, looks really cool!

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