Picture of A night light made on lasers
A quick easy way to make a customizable night light on a laser.

Materials needed:
Access to Corel Draw (thanx TechShop)
Access to a laser cutter (thanx againTechShop)
A 1/4"X6"  led strip (thanx lumenedge)
1/8" thick 24"X18" clear acrylic 
1/4" thick 5"X24" wood  (i used mahogany, no reason why)
digital calipers
wood glue

- the picture shows more stuff, but I didn't need it all after all

I made this at TechShop

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Step 1: Design your night light

Picture of design your night light
For my design I used Corel Draw.  My daughter likes giraffe's, so I made my new grandchild a mom and baby giraffe design with her name at the bottom.

When I designed it, I wanted to make sure all the etching would be on the inside to keep the image clean and finger print free.  Notice her name is spelled backwards so that when the night light is sandwiched together everything is facing the correct way.  I split the giraffe's up to help the light get through the name on the bottom.  I got my width from the led strip I bought and thought the height looked good at 8".

Step 2: Cut out the light

Picture of cut out the light
Next, I cut out my clear acrylic.  I put my 2 pieces together in my led strip so that I could take some dimensions to ensure my base would fit properly with the assembly.

Step 3:

Picture of
Using what I found out from the prior step, I designed my base in corel draw also.  I needed 1 solid piece as a bottom, 1 piece with the acrylic slot cut in and also a slot for the wiring to come out of as a middle, and 1 piece to have an acrylic slot in it for a top.  When I was set, I moved over to the laser and cut them out.
r4f1 year ago
Hi Shawn!
Great Instructables, congrats'!
I've a question for you: could you explain how to LED stuff works? Could you also put a link to the reference of the item you got from Lumenedge?
You should enter this in the Hurricane Lasers Contest!
this is really well done! does it change colors?
shawn simone (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
no, it doesn't change colors - i thought about it, but went with a pink. thought a steady "light" color was the best choice.
Man if there were Techshops where I'm from or if I had access to these tools, I'd so make this. Absolutely awesome!
Thergox2 years ago
Wow. *impressed*
Awesome! I just love how you put it all together!