Step 3: The Electronics

the electronics are really simple so i haven't drawn a circuit diagram,the red battery lead is soldered into the RAW pin through the switch,the black lead to the ground pin. the white wire of the servo goes to a digital pin ( i used pin 9), the red lead goes to the vcc pin and the back lead to ground, i soldered all three wires to a male header that connects to the servo. the tilt sensor is soldered into pin 2 on the arduino and the ground pin right next to it, be careful when soldering not to hold the soldering iron on too long as you can damage the board
Really nice! You could try adding a shock cord to your parachute and a buzzer that screams after it deploys to help you find it, if your rocket goes high enought to justify it. I've lost so many rockets...
the buzzer is a really good idea, i will try that
GPS would be equally cool, maybe getting too high on the weight side of things though especially since you have to actually transmit the location which would require quite the amount of energy, then again, if you were looking for something already landed you'd only need it to call it's location once and transmit locally, so if you were working with bluetooth or Wifi you could use that as basically a tracker so as soon as it comes within range you could connect and have it send you it's co-ordinates, it wouldn't even have to process the GPS data, you could have it send you it's raw location data and you process it from a phone, tablet or laptop when you're looking. <br> <br> <br>Orr, you could just not lose the damn thing., though I know that can be kind of difficult.
Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

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