Introduction: A Pen Shooter

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Welcome this is my second project this is pen shooter for fun ignore my grammer mistake

Step 1: You Need

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1. A cardboard peace
2. a spreeng
3. some pens
4. cello tap
5. thread
6. happy ness
7. a thing whose front side is spongy

Step 2: How to Made

Picture of How to Made

for cut the card board
and take a pen and take his cap

Step 3: What to Do

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paste cap on the pen
and just paste spring on the front of the pen

Step 4: How to Shoot

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for shooting take a thread and tight it with spreeng

Step 5: How to Shoot With Hand

Picture of How to Shoot With Hand

now just keep you substance in and and the other side of thread will be tight with hand
and down your hand by the spring potential energy your substance will shoot


p12345678910 (author)2015-12-13

Too good

Ayush0007 (author)2015-12-05


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