Step 11: Preparing the tin.

Picture of Preparing the tin.
You are not very likely to want your tin to continue to show what it used to hold, especially if that was cigars.

You could sand the tin down to bare metal, or paint over the warnings.

I sprayed my tin British racing Green, and tied a reef knot in a loop of wire which I super-glued to the outside of the tin. I used small drops of glue, but added them every couple of millimetres to stop it getting caught and pulled off as it is pulled in and out of my pocket.

Your knots will need labelled to finish the display.

If your handwriting is good, and your pen finely-tipped, you could label them by hand.

Otherwise, you can print out labels on your PC and glue them beside the knots, or make a key to stick inside the lid of the tin (which would serve the extra function of covering the cigar-related text inside the lid).

Congratulations, you're done. Now go and find a Scoutmaster and demand a badge...