A Puzzle Alarm Clock.




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Introduction: A Puzzle Alarm Clock.

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This is an alarm clock that does not tell you time but when the time reaches a given point the alarm goes off. A buzzer goes off and soleniodes push the top off the alarm. To turn off the alarm the top, which is a puzzle, must be placed back on the right place. It works as the puzzle acts as a jumper lead across the buzzer so it is not one even though power is being applied. When the solinoides are activated, in my case at 7:00 am, the puzzle is pushed off beaking the jumper circuit, turning on the buzzer. I have used 2.5 A2 sheets of 3mm acrylic plastic sheets, 1 picaxe 08M and 08M board, 1 buzzer and 4 solenoides. The chip runs off 4.5 DC V. In the code below the buzzer is attached to output 1 and the solenoides are attached in paralel to output 2. The code follows;

symbol hour = b0
symbol minute = b1
symbol houralarm = b2
symbol minutealarm = b3
high 0
let hour = 18
let minute = 31
let houralarm = 7
let minutealarm =0
pause 59300
inc minute
if minute = 60 then
inc hour
let minute = 0
if hour = 24 then
let minute = 0
let hour = 0
if houralarm = hour and minutealarm = minute then
high 1
pause 100
low 1
goto waitime.

If you want to make your own I hope this explains how I made mine.



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    I like it - its stylish... A new way to wake up!

    I need more of a step-by-step instructional. Or is this more of a slide sow meant for show and tell?

    I didn't intend for it to be a step-by-step tutorial.