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This was made from two bits of Perspex that I used my CNC to engrave Open and Closed into then used a string of LED's to edge light them. A short length of 25x15 trunking and hot glue holds it all in place.

A simple three position switch selects Open, Closed and off.

I did say it was simple :-)


DJNPHOTO (author)2013-05-13

how deep did you engrave it and what kind of bit did you use

Djandco (author)DJNPHOTO2013-05-13

Hi there,

I built a CNC a few years back that basically has a Dremel attached to it. The bit I used was a sort of cone shaped coarse grinding bit and at high speed on the Dremel but low speed on the CNC it does not melt the plastic.
I also ran the program twice at two cutting depths hence the slight offset on some of the letters.

I have done one free hand but it takes a lot longer to do and if you sneeze half way through.....



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