A Quick and Simple Way to Remove the Core From Lettuce





Introduction: A Quick and Simple Way to Remove the Core From Lettuce

Did you ever wonder why the lettuce salad you prepared is bitter? Did you use metal utensils to cut it? The proper way to prepare lettuce is to tear it, and the best method is to first remove the core. How? .. just watch the video



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    This looks great- I always use a plastic corer or plastic knife, but some lettuces have hard cores- I'm definitely going to try this way :)

    You may find this weird but, I find the core to be the most appetizing part of a head of lettuce! Whenever I go to Hoss's (a restaurant with sea food, steak, and salad bar) I always dig threw the salad bar for piece of the core. I always preferred crunchy lettuce over chewey lettuce.


    in most fast food, we do this!

    Can you add a picture for the thumbnail of this instructable? It looks great, and you can just upload a screencap from the vid (we don't have an automated movie thumbnail system like youtube just yet.)

    no problem, I thought it happens automatically unless somebody wants to add a different one

    It really should, and I believe we're working on it. But for now, we have a kind of confusing interface where you have to upload your own. I'm sorry for the trouble, this is a cool lettuce hack.