A Quick Improvement to the Infamous Jackhammer Headphones





Introduction: A Quick Improvement to the Infamous Jackhammer Headphones

First off. Thanks to TimAnderson for the great idea (https://www.instructables.com/id/E8UBD2SNKXEP2864W9/)

Well, let's see here. My Shure e2C headphones are broken (the right driver blew) so I took them to where I bought them originally (East Hamilton Radio, Ontario, Canada)to get them serviced. They will be about 2-3 weeks OH NO!

So i obviously listen to these things every day, and I can't stand my stock iPod headphones. And I don't feel like spending 10 bucks on a cheap in ear set. So I went to Princess Auto (also in Hamilton) and picked up some jackhammer earphones for 3.99. The original jackhammer headphones work fine, blocking out more noise than e2Cs, but I'd like to make them more dynamic and bass-heavy.

Things you'll need.


--iPod phones, or any other mid quality earbuds
--standard over the head headphones, (airline phones are great)
*make sure they are the variety with a wire going in to each speaker*
--Jackhammer Headphones
--3.5 mm audio splitter
--Your portable audio device (eg. iPod)

Step 1: Make Some New Headphones!

Let's just start off slow with laying your parts out.

View the notes for each part.

Step 2: Put the Lamo Headphones Into the Jackhammer Cans

Just remove the foam insert and place the speaker that was removed from the headphones in the can. Then place the foam back over top. If they rattle around, try adding some more foam behind to firm things up.

Step 3: The Wiring Part

Put the audio splitter in to your 3.5 mm jack on your iPod. Then insert both the ipod chord, and the jackhammer chord.

Step 4: Finish Up

Put on your iPod headphones like normal...

Then put your jackhammer cans on overtop...

Twist the two chords together to make a nifty black and white chord.

Put on something good and relax. You now have bass-heavy noise canceling headphones to use until your shures get fixed! WOO!



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    You obviously haven't heard bass if you think apple earbuds have any bass at all.

    Very good idea, they're not noise cancelling though, noise isolation yes.

    I think it'd be better to use better drivers for the headphones. Ipod earbuds are kinda uncomfortable after a while.

    blegh. stock earbuds. skullcandy is a good brand. $15 for the inked kind, and they sound great.

    i agree i love skullcandy they have great sound quality and the headphones are nice fitting and comfortable

    Unfortunately the ones my friend bought (Ink'd) broke within a week. Also, my Skullcandy HESH broke after a while of usage (the headband snapped, I didn't put innecessary force on it) They are all good at first, but are sadly less reliable than you'd want.

    I've had mine for about a year. they haven't given me any problems (other than the fact that I was really rough on them and the jack broke, but a spare pair of headphones and solder fixed that).

    i got smokin ones. i got them at fye for $14. it was the ones with an mp3 and earbuds in it. the only thing i dont like is the volume control on them.

    I used to have those. I would always bump the volume and wonder where the sound went. :P

    u live in Hamilton Ontario? nice.. were can i find the prince auto there >< gota grab my self a pair or two