Introduction: A Random Show Off Video.

This is just me showing off.


sikufan (author)2010-08-27

very very very bad! You are shoot on a box of IBANEZ!!! bad bad bad guy :)

Oblivitus (author)2008-12-10

The Spiff is not the best hand gun, my Beast Pistol is more powerful and has a hopper as well. I liked it in the video though.

KnexFreek (author)Oblivitus2009-11-29


Oblivitus (author)KnexFreek2009-11-30

Now I would have to say that my Ultra Pistol 2 is better than even the Beast Pistol though.

KnexFreek (author)Oblivitus2009-11-30

 agreed :)

ajleece (author)Oblivitus2008-12-10

not the difference in date between the vid and the release of your beast pistol?

Oblivitus (author)ajleece2008-12-11

I know.

The Jamalam (author)2009-02-07

lol im a keyword :P

KnexFreek (author)The Jamalam2009-11-29


st j (author)The Jamalam2009-07-11

coool can i be ur buddy?

The Jamalam (author)st j2009-07-11

Yeah ok =D

ajleece (author)The Jamalam2009-02-07

really.... lol. idk why..

pls (author)2008-11-08

red rods, wut?

KnexFreek (author)pls2009-11-29

holy $hit thats alot

KnexFreek (author)pls2009-11-29

*jaw drops*

how deep do you think that bin is? omg!

Mepain (author)pls2008-11-09

I have more.

DJ Radio (author)Mepain2008-11-09

i have less.

hellpilot (author)DJ Radio2008-11-10

I have less than less

DJ Radio (author)hellpilot2008-11-28

I have 7 of those rods, 3 are green

An Villain (author)DJ Radio2009-08-05

sure, even though your AR-4 longbow uses 8.

SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)hellpilot2008-11-16

i have more than less of more.

hellpilot (author)SeMi_AuToMaTic2008-11-17

1337 hacks! That does not work for Einstein's theory of numbers! LOL

DJ Radio (author)Mepain2008-11-09

are you back?

bakenbitz (author)DJ Radio2008-11-09

He never left... He just doesn't comment very much.

DJ Radio (author)bakenbitz2008-11-09

i want to be on your good side today, so ill just say your rapid fire assault rifle would get a 5 star rating from me if it was posted on ibles

pls (author)Mepain2008-11-09

no doubt :D, i have a few things made aswell though;)

An Villain (author)pls2009-08-05

my side-arm (the lucky 13) fires red rods.

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)pls2008-12-16

I have about 240+

pls (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2008-12-17

hmmmm, i really havnt counted mine.

dsman195276 (author)pls2008-11-11

...i have more...

pls (author)dsman1952762008-11-11


ajleece (author)pls2008-11-08


pls (author)ajleece2008-11-08

awesome gun though!

pls (author)ajleece2008-11-08


hellpilot (author)2009-01-26


alfpwns (author)2008-11-08


Oompa-Loompa (author)2008-11-08

You have an awesome accent.

ajleece (author)Oompa-Loompa2008-11-08


Oompa-Loompa (author)ajleece2008-11-08


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