Step 1: Duh!!!

Open up a picture of someone on gimp.

Step 2: Red Eye Removal (Optional)

Pic 1 - Go to filters > Enhance > Red Eye removal.
Pic 2 - Slide the threshold to 100
Pic 3 - The result. I do this to make it look like the heat vision reflects on his skin.

If you do green, this step is usefull.

Step 3: "Help!!! My Eyes Are Turning (Insert Color Here)"

pic 1 - Go to filters > lights and shadow > Supernova and pic your color the place on the eye on the left. Spokes are optional
pic 2 - repeat on the other side/result.

Step 4: Finished!

Looks different every single time. So if you are not satisfied, try again.
<ul><br><li><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/halberdear" rel="nofollow">halberdear</a> how dare you disrespect our president</ul>
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While we disagree with his opinions (and even may not have heard a good one yet) we cannot hate him or say he is in any way an evil person.<br />
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Congrats! If you don't know what I mean about an icon, I posted a gradient slideshow. One of the pictures has my name on it. Here are the things I want you to choose for me to make it.' -Choose a style of gradient. Choose one similar to one in my slideshow. -Choose a name to put on it. -Choose a font for the name. -Choose if you want to have a transparent background for the names (not like the one in the slideshow) -OR if you don't wanna choose color, blah,blah,blah, you can choose one from the slideshow, or the one I used for my Instructable.
3rd to last one please
Now, -Choose a name to put on it. -Choose a font for the name. -Choose if you want to have a transparent background for the names (not like the one in the slideshow) -Choose a color background for the text if you do not want transparent
just put Buckwheat on it please
here: I don't know if it's cool, but it's not my opinion that matters. Do you like it?

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