My Sony DSC 7 camera is really thin. The point is that it is so thin you cannot screw a regular tripod in it. You have to use an adapter that looks like a big socket for the camera, and accepts a regular tripod screw.
So I decided to build my own accessory. I call it the "L"-pod, because this is its shape when in use, as you can see in the last pictures.

Step 1: The Parts

I used whatever I could find in my drawers. The base of the L-pod is an aluminium tube (1cm inner diameter). The very difficult phase was finding part A (see picture), because camera screw threads are quite different from regular threads (at least in France). Luckily, my father-in-law used to keep every single screw or bolt whenever he dismounted a home equipment. I checked in his miracle tin box and found THE small bolt that fit in my camera! Part B is a support for plastic bands, used in electricity works.
nice project- maybe you could do this w/ a regular camera, - idea for you project - tap a hole for a regular camera mount on the bottom so your also carrying a tripod adapter with you

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