Picture of A sampling of root vegetables
We grew a huge rutabaga in our garden this fall that we harvested just in time for Thanksgiving. I combined it with yucca to make a two colored fry side dish. It was delicious and I baked the fries so it was also healthy and nutritious!

Step 1: Peeling the Rutabaga

Picture of Peeling the Rutabaga
Cut ends off of the rutabaga and scrub it well under running water since its a root vegetable.

Peel the root with a sharp knife, cutting away the outer skin all the way around the vegetable. Be careful to cut away from your body on a cutting board, the skin can be tough to cut.
bajablue2 years ago
Rutabagas are one of the most delicious (and under-appreciated) vegetables on the planet. I'm not familiar with yuccas, but they sound fascinating!

Good Job!!!