A Sampling of Some of My Crocheted Items





Introduction: A Sampling of Some of My Crocheted Items

These are just some of the many items that I have crocheted for some very special people.



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Hi, I have to say your work is awesome! I absolutely love that little dress, all of these items are crochet? I like to crochet, am trying knitting but it's slow going....your patterns are great, can you tell me where you get most of them, especially the dresses. Thanks! Beautiful stuff.


Thanks daisyrock and yes all of these items are crocheted. The majority of the patterns I got from various books that I have collected over the years. A few of the items like the rose shawl I got from the Internet. If you like working with thread a great site for dresses is crochetgarden.com. I'm glad you like my stuff!

I love the flag best. One of these days I will knit one. So far I have only knitted some patriotic tea cosies and Christmas tree trims that have a hint of stars and bars!


Thanks - This was one of the first afghans that I made. I made it for my son and then my nephew saw it and wanted one so I made one for him too.

I love the afghans with the baby footprints. If I had seen them in December I would have tried to make one in blue for my little baby boy. Nice work!


Thanks - I have made the pattern with blue and white before too. They are a hit at baby showers.

Cool! I like the purple and white scarf. It is a scarf, right? Awesome job(s)!


You are correct - it is a scarf that I made for someone as a last minute Christmas gift. Thanks!