A Sampling of Some of My Crocheted Items


Introduction: A Sampling of Some of My Crocheted Items

These are just some of the many items that I have crocheted for some very special people.



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    Hi, I have to say your work is awesome! I absolutely love that little dress, all of these items are crochet? I like to crochet, am trying knitting but it's slow going....your patterns are great, can you tell me where you get most of them, especially the dresses. Thanks! Beautiful stuff.

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    Thanks daisyrock and yes all of these items are crocheted. The majority of the patterns I got from various books that I have collected over the years. A few of the items like the rose shawl I got from the Internet. If you like working with thread a great site for dresses is crochetgarden.com. I'm glad you like my stuff!

    I love the flag best. One of these days I will knit one. So far I have only knitted some patriotic tea cosies and Christmas tree trims that have a hint of stars and bars!

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    Thanks - This was one of the first afghans that I made. I made it for my son and then my nephew saw it and wanted one so I made one for him too.

    I love the afghans with the baby footprints. If I had seen them in December I would have tried to make one in blue for my little baby boy. Nice work!

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    Thanks - I have made the pattern with blue and white before too. They are a hit at baby showers.

    Cool! I like the purple and white scarf. It is a scarf, right? Awesome job(s)!

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    You are correct - it is a scarf that I made for someone as a last minute Christmas gift. Thanks!