Introduction: A Sand Casting Demonstration

This is a demonstration on sand casting with aluminum. In this demo I make a pair of practice knifes with dull blades for martial arts. The best practice equipment actually resembles real weapons. Working with plastic practice knifes takes away from the realism.

Coming later is how to make a furnace, and how to make molding box.


andrewwinter (author)2014-05-07

Nice work. I am interested in seeing how you made your furnace and crucible.

geronimogo (author)andrewwinter2014-05-07

You just fueled the fire buddy. Ill get to work on that.

andrewwinter (author)geronimogo2014-05-08

Great! Look forward to seeing it.

carlos66ba (author)2014-05-06

Should not be wearing polyester clothing next to your crucible... Old jeans would be a lot safer...

geronimogo (author)carlos66ba2014-05-06

Noted..... Thanks. I agree.

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