I had lots of unused shelves and cut-off pieces from others and I decided to make a contained shelf unit with them. I wanted it to design itself, meaning the pieces would stay the same length as far as possible so that it would have to fit together in whatever way it could.
First I had to measure the space that it was going to fit in so I needed to make sure I had the edges the right length, three of which I had in the picture here.

Step 1: Designing the interior

I had to have a play around with the other pieces I had so that they would fit in. The unit was mainly to hold books and photo albums so there needed to be some spaces bigger than others. I measured the heights of things that I wanted to store and plan the shelves around that. This is what i came up with. Sorry it's a bit blurred but you can see the measurements in centimetres (I don't do inches). The ticks showed which pieces I had ready. For the last few I needed to cut some down to fit.
Once you've got the frame, you'll need to be aware of the length of the inner sides so that the interior parts will fit. E.g. the height of the unit is 92cm but with the horizontal pieces attached, the inside length vertically is 88cm.

Some of the pieces of wood were in bad condition with pieces broken off so I just painted them white to hide this as much as I could.
Very nice. Just shift the shorter books to the smaller shelf.
i like it! love how you let it design itself and let it ramble creatively

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