Picture of A simple 12V Light
Hello maker, 
in this instructable I'm going to show you how I builded a simple LED lamp to light the inside of a bicycle trailer. It works like the light in a refrigerator, if the door is open, the light is on, if it is closed, the light is off. It is made ​​from parts that I had lying around.
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
I used some old parts, I found in my workshop:
-2 pieces of sanded acrylic glass
-a lever
-an off push button
-4 peaces of white LED strip (120 LED's per m)

Step 2: Soldering and housing

I sticked the LED's on one of the acrylic glass pieces and connected them with wires. I added a lever to turn it off at daytime, and tested it with a 9V battery. After this I put the second acrylic glass piece on top. I finished the housing with hot glue and tested it again.

Step 3: The refrigerator door effect

Picture of The refrigerator door effect
To make the lamp work like the light in a refrigerator, I hotglued the turn off push button into the bottom of the trailer and a piece of wood directly above the button. When I close the trailers top, the wood pushes the button and turns the light off.

Step 4: The end

Picture of The end
After everything was builded in I connected it to the 12V battery, that me and my friends use to power the trailer. I've got to say, that the result is quite good. Please tell me in the comments if you want an instructable on the trailer itself. I hope you enjoyed this instructable and if you did you can also take a look at my LED-bike or my Glowing art.