How often have you had a flea that you just couldnt squeeze to death? Often I can't because I have gorilla fingers. (Thanks alot weight lifting!) Sure I can squeeze an apple, but a flea is just too small for my fingers.

So how do I kill off those fleas who are unlucky enough to infest my home?

Well I use only natural products and have eliminated a flea infestation that had nearly 30 fleas an hour jumping and biting me and my family.

Step 1: What will I need?

To solve fleas quickly and efficently you will only need 4 items

1. A small bowl.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol atleast 50%. 70% works great, and 91% is the fastest but the smell is unbarably strong

3. Diatomacious earth

4 Vaccum
OP. I like this idea and I hope it worked for you. I found that I kept getting re-infested when I used DE on my flee infestation. Instead of DE look for a powder bottle labeled &quot;Roach Kill&quot; or Roach Powder or other similar names. Look at the ingredients, it should be 99% Boric Acid. This is not the same as Borax. <br>Don't bother powdering it everywhere, only powder the corners and edges of your high traffic areas. - Know thy enemy. Flees will be attracted to the high traffic areas of your house (feeding instinct) and they will spend most of their time at edges and corners of those areas when there is no traffic (shelter instinct?). <br>The way to get them all is 2 steps: <br>1) powder high traffic areas vacuum up 1 day later <br>2) repowder same areas let sit for 2 weeks (I did 3 just to be sure) then vacuum <br> <br>Because Boric acid is toxic you should read all about it before you use it. It's only toxic in large doses so I did not feel concerned even with 3 dogs in my house. There is no reason to powder it so heavy that it looks like you spilled a 50lb bag of flower in your house, I powdered just enough that my carpet edges looked slightly dusted.
<p>The problem with putting boric acid on the floor is that pets walk on it. Pets lick and self clean about 3 hours a day between sleeping and eating. DE is best is its completely non toxic. DE can also be used directly on pets (be cautious of getting it in their lungs, use in small amounts and rub gently into the fur, trying to keep it from going airborn.) Non toxic flea control is a big concern for pet owners. </p>
<p>Diatomaceous earth is the best. Thanks for this.</p>
Soapy water works as well.
This is pretty much what I did for a flea problem in my place, with the addition of placing bowls of hot water around the house. Fleas are attracted to heat, and as long as the water was warmer than the air, they jumped in and drowned themselves. I discovered that by accident after trying to eat a bowl of hot soup on the floor (I'm a floor sitter, what can I say?).
Besides DE, I've been using a pie pan with water, plus dish soap to break the surface tension &amp; prevent escape. I hacked up a stand that securely holds a light bulb above the pan, and I leave the light on overnight. Works like a charm!
About how long should carpets and other items stay coated wtih the D.E.?
The longer the better. To stop the infestation, you have to break the flea life cycle. This takes at least two weeks. When fleas are in the egg stage, they are extremely resilent. Only after they hatch, can you effectively kill them.
Borax is good too.

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