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Introduction: A Simple Flea Solution

How often have you had a flea that you just couldnt squeeze to death? Often I can't because I have gorilla fingers. (Thanks alot weight lifting!) Sure I can squeeze an apple, but a flea is just too small for my fingers.

So how do I kill off those fleas who are unlucky enough to infest my home?

Well I use only natural products and have eliminated a flea infestation that had nearly 30 fleas an hour jumping and biting me and my family.

Step 1: What Will I Need?

To solve fleas quickly and efficently you will only need 4 items

1. A small bowl.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol atleast 50%. 70% works great, and 91% is the fastest but the smell is unbarably strong

3. Diatomacious earth

4 Vaccum

Step 2: Lets Begin!

First of all you need to pour the Alcohol into the small bowl. Save this until later. It will be your nuclear bomb in the war on these mites!

Now take that powdery white goodness that you bought at lowes and thoroughly powder your carpet, rugs, couch, and floor mats with it. The D.E. will be what will help kill the buggers while their young and the eggs will take some damage too.

Step 3: Clean Up

After letting your carpets and such stay throughly coated, vaccum it up. This will help collect the eggs and some of the fleas. They will dehydrate as they are being collected with the D.E.

Remember the more eggs today, the less fleas in 120 days.

Step 4: That Bowl From Earlier

Here is the fun part.

Take that bowl, and when ever you catch a flea on you. Drop the flea into the bowl. It works faster than trying to squeeze the, You also will take out young, old, and pregnant fleas.

It works great!

Advice: Replace the alcohol as needed, as it will evaporate in a day or two.

Step 5: Lets Review

The safest and non toxic way to kill fleas is such:

1. Powder your carpets with D.E.
2. Vaccum.

Catch and drop any living fleas in alcohol.

It took me about 2 weeks to settle a huge infestation and not a single chemical that was toxic was used! My neighbor paid a fumigator, and he still has fleas... nearly 4 months later.



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    About how long should carpets and other items stay coated wtih the D.E.?

    The longer the better. To stop the infestation, you have to break the flea life cycle. This takes at least two weeks. When fleas are in the egg stage, they are extremely resilent. Only after they hatch, can you effectively kill them.

    I would leave it on for at least 2 weeks. Plus, add salt and soda to the mix for even more punch.

    Dropping a caught flea will expire quickly in just a little soapy water also. Especially dawn dish soap.

    Ive been unfortunate enough that my house became infested with fleas. My poor cat and myself were constantly being bitten by the nasty little buggers. I havent been able to locate any DE in my area so im going to order it online. In the mean time Ive discovered that regular table salt acts a lot like DE.. It dehydrates and kills them. Has anyone else ever used this method? How can i keep the fleas from biting my cat? I gave her a flea bath and then put a flea collar on her but the poor thing still keeps getting attacked.

    We have tried DE over and over again in our house for 2 weeks but the infestation is getting worse. It has been bombed twice now with chemicals, we vacuum daily sometimes 2-3 times a day. We also did the hot water and dish soap which did wonders the first day or two and now nothing! They have wises up and avoid it like the plague, as soon as you walk by the bowl they are quick to attack! We got a house that people had been living in for 4-5 years like this. I have two very small kids and a dog and I walked in my 1.5 year olds room and was attacked all over my feet, as fast as I got them on they piled back on! This was after everything I stated! I put a huge thick layer on DE back on last night and have left it on for a day or so and still when I walk in that powder they jump and bite like crazy! Any other ideas please help us!:(

    I don't know if you are still dealing with it, but have you had your dog treated with oral medications? Eventually, with your current routine, it should get them at all life cycles. Are you throwing out the vacuum bag after EVERY use? The living ones survive the vacuum and escape.

    I mix half table salt and half baking soda and put in a large shaker like you see the pizza joints use for red pepper flakes. I put down a small, shallow dish, like a plant saucer, filled it 2/3's full with water, added a good squirt of Dawn dishsoap, then put a lamp over it. The first night, within hours, I had 4 fleas in the dish. The next day, I emptied it, refilled it, and had 6 drowned fleas. Tonight I had 9! I have vacuumed once a day every day for three days. I dumped and refilled the dish. I just have one flea tonight. I gave both of my cats a bath in white vinegar and Dawn dishsoap, scrubbing good around their neck, where I can feel it is crusty. Cats have not been digging since their bath 3 1/2 hours ago.

    This is pretty much what I did for a flea problem in my place, with the addition of placing bowls of hot water around the house. Fleas are attracted to heat, and as long as the water was warmer than the air, they jumped in and drowned themselves. I discovered that by accident after trying to eat a bowl of hot soup on the floor (I'm a floor sitter, what can I say?).

    Besides DE, I've been using a pie pan with water, plus dish soap to break the surface tension & prevent escape. I hacked up a stand that securely holds a light bulb above the pan, and I leave the light on overnight. Works like a charm!