Picture of A simple Harmonograph
A harmonograph is a mechanical apparatus that uses pendulums to create a geometric image.

These can be either very simple (like the one I will show you how to make), or complicated. Google 'harmonograph' to learn more about the more complicated ones.

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Step 1: Get supplies


- A large, strong, flat board. You can use a lot of different things for this part. I used a shelf from a bookcase.
-Weights. Get at least 5 pounds. More is better though.
-Pencil/pen. A pencil works better because it slides better than a pen.
-Duct tape. Of course.
-A book or other small object with some weight. Just about anything will work for this.
-A coat hanger, or dowel rod. A coat hanger is better. I'll show you why later.

Step 2: Find a place to mount the strings

This step can be hard.

You need to find a place in your house that has something near the height of the ceiling that can support 10 pounds while the weight is swinging. But there have to be 4 places to hold the weight up. These four places should be in a square formation too.

What I did was I went into my basement, lifted up the ceiling boards (Like the cheap ceiling schools have), and mounted the strings from a board that supports the floor above it.

I've heard of people using door frames as the mount. You can try a door frame, but I don't know how strong door frames are. So watch out.

If you can't find a place to mount the strings, you can usually find a place to hammer some nails in.

Once you find a place to mount the strings, find a chair, table, anything like those two things.
Now measure the four strings from the place that you're going to mount them at down to the chair/table's level.

lieuwe6 years ago
i made one, but it only creates one drawing over and over and over, does string length affect this? if so how long should the strings be?
Aar000n3y (author)  lieuwe6 years ago
I found that to be a problem too. I figured out that different amounts of twist and swing create different drawings though. Just play around with it I never experimented with length, but I'm sure it does change it in some way. If I remember correctly, mine were around six feet. Next time I make one I'll have to try different lengths. If you end up experimenting with length could you post the results?
PsyOp7 years ago
is there a pic of the better mount?
Aar000n3y (author)  PsyOp7 years ago
It's basically just the same thing as in the picture I included, except the arm is made out of a coat hanger. So I just don't think a picture is necessary .
flio1917 years ago
I could see this as some statue of some sort outdoors that sketches these into sand. That would be great; nice
Nice Images:-) This is a great little project. Cheers, Pat. Pending
Something tells me we might see see this going through the mail soon.