A harmonograph is a mechanical apparatus that uses pendulums to create a geometric image.

These can be either very simple (like the one I will show you how to make), or complicated. Google 'harmonograph' to learn more about the more complicated ones.

Step 1: Get Supplies


- A large, strong, flat board. You can use a lot of different things for this part. I used a shelf from a bookcase.
-Weights. Get at least 5 pounds. More is better though.
-Pencil/pen. A pencil works better because it slides better than a pen.
-Duct tape. Of course.
-A book or other small object with some weight. Just about anything will work for this.
-A coat hanger, or dowel rod. A coat hanger is better. I'll show you why later.

i made one, but it only creates one drawing over and over and over, does string length affect this? if so how long should the strings be?
I found that to be a problem too. I figured out that different amounts of twist and swing create different drawings though. Just play around with it I never experimented with length, but I'm sure it does change it in some way. If I remember correctly, mine were around six feet. Next time I make one I'll have to try different lengths. If you end up experimenting with length could you post the results?
is there a pic of the better mount?
It's basically just the same thing as in the picture I included, except the arm is made out of a coat hanger. So I just don't think a picture is necessary .
I could see this as some statue of some sort outdoors that sketches these into sand. That would be great; nice
Nice Images:-) This is a great little project. Cheers, Pat. Pending
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/member/hay_jumper/">Something</a> tells me we might see see this going through the mail soon.<br/>

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