Introduction: A Simple Infrared (IR) Detector

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This is my first Instructables hope so it would be good

We are gonna make a simple IR detector ....

Step 1: Materials You Need...

Picture of Materials You Need...

1) a breadboard

2) a red LED

3) 2 X 1.5v AA batterys

4) A battery holder

5) wires

6) sissors

7) solder gun

8) wire cutter

9) solder wire

10) a switch { if needed as i have not used }

11) a TSOP 1838 IR reciver

12) any IR remote

Step 2: Circuit Diagram ...

Picture of Circuit Diagram ...

TSOP 1838 pinout :-

pin 1 = + VCC

pin 2 = - Gnd

pin 3 = output

Keep in mind you need ONLY 3V as input not more than that....

Step 3: Start Now...

Picture of Start Now...

Solder the wires on the battery holder

red wire for positive

and yellow wire for negative { you can also use black wire }

Step 4: SOLDERING...

Picture of SOLDERING...

Solder the TSOP 1838 on to the board carefully and cut it's legs

Step 5: LED....

Picture of LED....

Now solder the red LED on to the board ..

such as +ive of LED connected to the pin 1 of the TSOP 1838

& -ive of LED connected to the pin 3 of TSOP 1838

Now connect +ive of the battery to the pin 1 of TSOP where +ive of LED is connected ...

Now solder -ive of battery to the pin 2 of TSOP

Step 6: Insert Batterys.....

Picture of Insert Batterys.....

Step 7: YOU HAVE DONE IT !!!

Picture of YOU HAVE DONE IT !!!

Take your IR remote and press any key on it, the LED will flash as per the signal transmitted by the IR remote


stevenc164 (author)2016-07-24

oh its ok nevermind. thanks for the quick response. i cant see how the soldering supposed to look like from under the board in your pictures, where is your video here? sorry i'm new to instructables..

nvelankar (author)stevenc1642016-07-30

For the soldering connections, see the circuit diagram in step 2.

And follow the steps 3, 4, 5

nvelankar (author)stevenc1642016-07-30

There is a video named My Movie.mp4

sorry for late reply..

stevenc164 (author)2016-07-22

can any ir receiver work?

nvelankar (author)stevenc1642016-07-24

Sorry, I did not get you...

ThulfiqarA (author)2015-09-16

Hello my friend
Does this work only with Remote control
or with any IR light

for example I have an IR led and a battery and I put the IR led infront of it , will it detect it ?


nvelankar (author)ThulfiqarA2015-09-20

No, it will only detect a IR signal transmitted by any IR remote

BeachsideHank (author)2015-04-20

Good effort for your first Instructable. It is not clear to me in the video as you move very fast on the keystrokes, but is the output tied to key numbers like press 3 and you get three flashes of the LED?

nvelankar (author)BeachsideHank2015-04-20

Sorry i have moved very fast on the keystrokes.....

But no it is not tied to any key number as you press 3 and you get three flashes of the LED, it just shows that any key u press is activating the IR LED as we cannot see the IR light with our eyes it helps to see the signal which flashes

thank you

BeachsideHank (author)nvelankar2015-04-21

Thanks for the reply. Still, the circuit looks like it might be useful anyway.

nvelankar (author)BeachsideHank2015-04-22

?? I didn't understand

BeachsideHank (author)nvelankar2015-04-22

हॅलो, मी Google अनुवाद वापरत आहे, मी प्राधान्य सल्ला नाही तर मी योग्य भाषा / बोली वापरत आहे आशा आहे.

मी एक चांगला प्रकल्प आहे, सर्किट मी तो सक्षम काय विचार करत नाही जरी, हे अद्याप इतर अनुप्रयोग करीता शक्यतो उपयुक्त राहते त्या म्हणाल्या.

Hello, I'm using Google translate, I hope I am using the correct language/ dialect, if not please advise preference.

I am saying that although the circuit does not do what I thought it capable of, it still remains possibly useful for other applications, so is a good project.

nvelankar (author)BeachsideHank2015-04-23

do u speak marathi

nvelankar (author)BeachsideHank2015-04-23


JavaProgrammer (author)2015-04-20

Hey, welcome to instructables! Just an FYI you forgot the ir receiver on the parts list.

nvelankar (author)JavaProgrammer2015-04-20


nvelankar (author)JavaProgrammer2015-04-20

i will add it


nvelankar (author)2015-04-20

watch the video u will understand it

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