Make a rli simple Knex Kunai with only 12 parts! this is my first instructable so go E-Z. Im rli srry that the rezo sux... well i have a camcorder so... yeah..

Step 1: Get Your Knex Parts

the parts 4 this kuni.

2 blue half connectors

1 orange connector

2 green connectors

4 black/yellow rods

1 white/black connector

2 green/black rods

Step 2: Make the Body

Take the 2 blue half knex together then attach 2 black/yellow rods. Put the white/black 8 peice connector at the end.

Step 3: Make the Top Part

take the wo knex rods and attach them to the orange connector. then stick the green connectors ant the ends of the rods. last stick on green rods at the end of the green connectors.

Step 4: Bring It All Together

Put the top of the through the holl in the orange connector. Snap the green connectors to the top of the body.
Pretty cool, pretty cool. I'm a big naruto fan, so... Well, what i did, however, was make a second tip from step 3 and attached that. It loks a bit more 3-D, if you know what i mean.
? what do you mean?
its a little hard to explain, you know those things on step 3 (the top part)? Yeah, well if you make a second one of those, than you can attach that too and make it look more 3D.
O! u meen put a white connector instead of a orange the make to 2 step 3 things? ok ill try it! :)
Yes, i left out the white connector thing. When you make it, it also can be thrown farther and if you add a knife to the end, it can stick into a tree (please, don't do this. Trees are our friends...O
And with no trees, no pineapple |<sup>(</sup><br/>
what's a kuni?
a sharp little wepon used on the show naruto
i got it!!! yay! lol i am kinda smart.......i think lol xD
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i am on instructables a lot.

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